Benji Li Orizental Private Residential Apartment
Orizental Private Residential Apartment is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Orizental Private Residential Apartment

The interior design of ‘oriZENtal’ revolves three architectural philosophies, Oriental Zen Culture, Contemporary Minimalism and Subtle Luxury. The amalgamation and fusion of these concepts give birth to a distinctive Contemporary Zen Culture, which is emanated and apparent throughout the interior design of the house. An array of high-grade materials is used to achieve and attain the design concept. The designer aims not only to generate, but also to accentuate the Contemporary Zen Culture, and in turn create a calm and undisturbed sanctuary amidst urban space.

Orizental Private Residential Apartment
Benji Li Orizental
Benji Li Private Residential Apartment
Benji Li design
Benji Li design
Benji Li

Benji Li is a design director of Benji Li Interiors Limited, he graduated with a 4-year degree in Interior Design from Royal Melbourne of Institute Technology University RMIT in Australia. Benji’s experience working in the interior design industry in Australia and Hong Kong has given him a different perspective and design philosophy. This enables him to create concepts that are unique to each client. He has worked both in Australia and in Hong Kong and has extensive industry experience. His knowledge of both Western and Asian design philosophies allows for a unique design perspective that underpins the Benji Li Interiors ethos.

Benji Li Interiors

Benji Li Interiors creates high end residential and commercial interiors that are known for their urbane, stylish and dazzling aesthetic. We epitomize understated luxury which our design style is also a balance between luxury and contemporary. We appreciate the finer details of life as well as paying specific attention to a project's smallest details in interiors and we stand for quality.