Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du Amphibious Rescue Drone
Amphibious Rescue Drone is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Amphibious Rescue Drone

It is an amphibious disaster rescue drone with life detection, location, transportation and emergency lighting functions. It can be transformed into portable mode, flight mode or diving mode to deal with different disaster rescue situations. The outer diameters of its four wings are equipped with radar detectors to search for the vital signs of survivors. The inner diameters of the wings have detection lights, which can perform rescue tasks in unknown dark areas, such as underwater caves or mountain regions. Especially in difficult terrains, it can assist in transporting equipment.

Amphibious Rescue Drone
Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du Amphibious
Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du Rescue Drone
Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du design
Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du design
Junkai Shao and Xiaoxi Du

I am a doctoral student in industrial design. I participated in many design projects, published several academic papers and won several international design awards. If the products I design can improve people's living standards, it's a happy thing.

Junkai Shao

Shao Junkai is a PhD student in the Department of Industrial Design of Southeast University. He has won many international authoritative design awards such as iF, Spark, and China Red Star Awards, and has been committed to pragmatic design to solve life problems. His research direction is human-computer interaction and neural design cognition. He has published 6 SCI/EI papers related to wearable products and interface interaction design. He believes that design is a combination of art and technology. Only when the two promote each other can we really improve people's quality of life.