Dan Popa Leoleo Multifunctional Kids Chair
Leoleo Multifunctional Kids Chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Leoleo Multifunctional Kids Chair

Leoleo was designed with multi-functionality in mind. Each part of Leoleo is supposed to be used in more than one way, and to be possibly inter-locked with other parts. Re-assembling the parts must be fast and easy, with no use of keys or other devices. This should create an element of surprise. The whole object and also every part of it are made searching for use of minimal material resources and ideal proportions. Edges and corners are rounded in order to obtain a continuous flowing line and also for safety purposes. Varnished plywood has been chosen as material, for looks and endurance.

Leoleo  Multifunctional Kids Chair
Dan Popa Leoleo
Dan Popa Multifunctional Kids Chair
Dan Popa design
Dan Popa design
Dan Popa

Dan Popa is an ambitious and creative person with an enterpreneurship attitude. Always looking for inmprovements and better solutions, he sees opportunities everywhere. Leea Toys and the products he created were the response to his quest for better parenting solutions, better use of materials and resources, more practical solutions to practical problems, better quality time with and for the children. Having graduated the Faculty of Medicine, and being highly interested in the child development, Dan Popa found the opportunity to use all his knowledge, combined with creativity and playfulness. This is the reason why Leea's Tower and Leoleo are unique, being created with solid child developmemnt knowledge, with desire for playfullness and creativity, with a high degree of detail in design, and never-seen-before level of multi functionality. In the practical life, every parent knows that there are many objects purchased for the child, but most of them are used very little or sometimes even not at all. Dan Popa wanted to create the most useful and really-used object for children possible.

Leea Toys

Leea toys creates playful multi purpose furniture for kids. Leea Toys was founded by a father that was building objects for his daughter's education and entertainment. He gave the name of the company after his daughter's name. Founded in 2016, it has grown ever since, distrubuting its products all over the European Union.