Daybreak Li Plutus Spacemen Toys
Plutus Spacemen Toys is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Plutus Spacemen Toys

The product line was named 'Pluto Spacemen'. The designer combines the elements of 'Fortune Cat' with astronauts, and matches the original formal spacesuit with the lovely design appearance to give people more joy and love. Different colors make you look forward to opening the package. This series takes retro as the design theme, and makes different attempts in color collocation. Different processes make the whole product more pleasant, and ultimately these memories will be presented to customers through time and space.

Plutus Spacemen Toys
Daybreak Li Plutus Spacemen
Daybreak Li Toys
Daybreak Li design
Daybreak Li design
Daybreak Li

Daybreak Li, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, one of the four art colleges in China, with more than ten years of experience in design industry, he is good at commercial illustration, and his main design style is the combination of ancient and modern.


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