Fangui Zeng Along with Multi Function Portable Device
Along with Multi Function Portable Device is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Along with Multi Function Portable Device

The project provides a portable living experience for the outdoor crowd, which is mainly divided into two parts: the main body and modules that can be changed.The main body includes charging, toothbrush and shaving functions.Fittings include toothbrush and shaving head.The original inspiration for the product came from people who love to travel and have their luggage cluttered or lost, so the portable, versatile package became the product is positioning. Now many people like to travel, so portable products are becoming the choice.This product conforms to the market demand.

Along with Multi Function Portable Device
Fangui Zeng Along with
Fangui Zeng Multi Function Portable Device
Fangui Zeng design
Fangui Zeng design
Fangui Zeng

He is a university teacher of Hunan Institute of Engineering. He has served many industrial design companies and Internet companies, and has focused on electronic product design and app interface interaction design, and has designed and produced 47 products and 4 apps. He was authorized with 3 utility model patents and 14 appearance patents.

National Taipei University of Technology

Taipei university of technology is located in China's Taiwan province: district, according to time of the former days the founded in 1912, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the government-general of Taiwan academic department affiliated industry assembly, in 1948 after restructuring industry into the Taiwan provincial Taipei junior college, with a long history, is Taiwan's first industrial education for the purpose of university of science and technology, is famous for engineering section department.