Meltem Eti Proto Cube Coffee Table
Cube Coffee Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Cube Coffee Table

The design was inspired by the geometrical sculptures of Golden Ratio and Mangiarotti. The form is interactive, offering the user different combinations. The design consists of four coffee tables of different sizes and a pouf lined up around the cube form, which is a lighting element. The elements of the design are multifunctional to meet the user's needs. The product is produced with Corian material and plywood.

Cube Coffee Table
Meltem Eti Proto Cube
Meltem Eti Proto Coffee Table
Meltem Eti Proto design
Meltem Eti Proto design
Meltem Eti Proto

I am a designer and educator. This combination helps each other, profession and research makes you always fresh with new ideas. I use different materials to realize my ideas. Recently I have been working on bio-materials. The process I carried out to transform and reuse the collected bio-waste materials showed that each had different properties. Variable properties appear depending on the material structure, the grinding size of the material, and the character of the adhesive. It is possible to use bio-waste materials artisanally in many forms. Among the designs, I have produced after my experiences there are small-scale objects such as tiles, and wearable forms, and medium-sized objects such as containers, vases, and lamps. The creative process with these materials is artisanal production and all these forms can go back into circular economy. This study is a prelude to the use of biomaterials in design.

Meltem Eti Proto, J├╝lide Arslan

They believe in the intersection of art and design and base their work on this basis. They try to establish interactive communication between the product and the user. The multicultural structure of the design, sensorial design and the effect of new technologies on design are among their research topics. The contact between their academic studies and designs is strong.