Xudong Cai Shadow Multifunctional Lifesaving Blanket
Shadow Multifunctional Lifesaving Blanket is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
Shadow Multifunctional Lifesaving Blanket

Regional conflict, climate change and other reasons have forced many people who living a stable life to become refugees. The starting point of this design is to help people improve their ability to deal with extreme events. It has many functions such as life blanket, life jacket, simple sleeping bag and so on. It can meet the basic needs of people in the process of migration, and improve the chance of survival. This product will accompany people like a shadow and help people if necessary.

Shadow Multifunctional Lifesaving Blanket
Xudong Cai Shadow
Xudong Cai Multifunctional Lifesaving Blanket
Xudong Cai design
Xudong Cai design
Xudong Cai

Cai Xudong, a designer from JingZhi Design. JingZhi Design is committed to cultivating Chinese new generation designers and injecting new vitality into Chinese design. As an emerging design studio, JingZhi Design has been adhering to a professional attitude, with forward-thinking ideas, to provide more possibilities for young people with dreams, and to create more valuable products for enterprises. Since its establishment, JingZhi Design has provided services to more than ten companies and many young designers, and has been recognized and supported by many companies and designers in the society.

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