Panayiotis Stelikos Fingal Modular Surfaces
Fingal Modular Surfaces is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Fingal Modular Surfaces

Representing the core meaning of the integrated design, Fingal is an original pattern design applied on modular surfaces. As the notion of modularity distinguish the design, being able to modify it allows more creativity and limitless views of the pattern on every surface. Inspired by the treasure of nature's physical pattern plurality, Fingal modular surfaces redefines the importance of a well-considered design in a human-made environment. While preserving functionality and comfort, a unification of surfaces and materials is achieved, resulting in a soothing effect on the eye.

Fingal Modular Surfaces
Panayiotis Stelikos Fingal
Panayiotis Stelikos Modular Surfaces
Panayiotis Stelikos design
Panayiotis Stelikos design
Panayiotis Stelikos

Panayiotis Stelikos is dedicated on discovering innovative and creative ways to propose considered designs. Fascinated by all the aspects of design, he is always searching the beauty and harmony in every project he is involved in, either this is a residential house or the construction detail of a chair. As a designer, he is intrigued both by the endless possibilities of interdisciplinary projects and by any prospect of cooperation with creative people from various fields. Essentially, for him the design process is not an everyday job but a lifelong passion.

Arcube Studio

arcube studio is a multidisciplinary design studio with its main aim being experimentation on design as a whole. This experimentation consists of a constant research between overlapping design fields, a regenerative process where architecture meets furniture design, graphic design meets fabric design and by extension relates to any form of design of everyday objects. Either a plan for a new residential building or a design for an original furniture piece, their work is distinguished by commitment in detail and work ethic.