Siyang Xu Blood Value Service Platform
Blood Value Service Platform is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Blood Value Service Platform

When people have surgery in the hospital, the doctor need a lot of blood. Faced with some special patients, you will find that the inventory is insufficient. You will waste a lot of time in finding a matching blood. This wasted time will miss the best treatment time for this patient. The supporter call on those healthy people to donate blood through legal channels. Every one want to build a qualified service platform. Allow fast lanes between hospitals. some people can help those who need help. At the same time, person can reduce many illegal activities such as buying and selling blood.

Blood Value Service Platform
Siyang Xu Blood Value
Siyang Xu Service Platform
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Still a student, you need to learn a lot of design knowledge. Participate in design competitions to improve your professional skills.There is a good opportunity to study abroad. Learn new knowledge abroad. This is a very big challenge. Everyone has their own dream, and more is to realize it. This process is interesting. You will meet many different people in this process, and you will also meet your life mentor. They will teach you a lot of things, not just the knowledge in books. This knowledge plays a very important role in your future development.