Alvan Suen Ricky's Kitchen Restaurant
Ricky's Kitchen Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Ricky's Kitchen Restaurant

The project aims at reinterpreting and translating Hong Kong into visualization while keeping the brand identity. The material of the feature wall represents Hong Kong as a forest of concrete, the geometry renders the building facade with balconies and the density, and the lighting mimics the households. The middle LED ceiling symbolizes the “Linear Sky Exposure” of Hong Kong, the Leon lights imitate the highway under long exposure photography, symbolizing prosperous Hong Kong, speed and heavy traffic. For futuristic touch, LED trims and floating-like portal with bamboo are designed.

Ricky's Kitchen Restaurant
Alvan Suen Ricky's Kitchen
Alvan Suen Restaurant
Alvan Suen design
Alvan Suen design
Alvan Suen

Alvan Suen is the Managing Director and founder of Nameless Hong Kong Limited, graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Art in Architectural Studies. Besides design and running projects, he had been doing research and teaching in the University of Hong Kong as well; his researches and works on the environmental design in the HKU explore the problem of microclimate in the dense cities, solutions for reducing energy consumption in summer through design forms by using air pressure and natural ventilation, reactivating the alleyways between buildings in HK and climate-responsive high-rise residential building design.

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The Food Story is an aspiring dining and lifestyle organization with an objective to curate and introduces new and trend-leading concepts to the Hong Kong and China markets. We believe every concept has its own history and story. And every story translates into different tastes and personal touches. Our mission is to let our stories be your narrator and escort you to navigate to our gourmet journey. Welcome on board!