Dabi Robert Poise Adjustable Table Lamp
Poise Adjustable Table Lamp is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Poise Adjustable Table Lamp

The acrobatic appearance of Poise, a table lamp designed by Robert Dabi of shifts between static & dynamic and a big or small posture. Depending on the proportion between its' illuminated ring and the arm holding it, an intersecting or tangent line to the circle occurs. When placed on a higher shelf, the ring could overhang the shelf; or by tilting the ring, it could touch a surrounding wall. The intention of this adjustability is to get the owner creatively involved and play with the light source in proportion to other objects surrounding it.

Poise Adjustable Table Lamp
Dabi Robert Poise
Dabi Robert Adjustable Table Lamp
Dabi Robert design
Dabi Robert design
Dabi Robert

My name is Robert and I am based in Nuremberg, Germany. My story in a nutshell: Coming from a Graphic Design background, I set foot into product design while co-founding two watch brands in 2010. With friends in Hong Kong, we are still active world-wide. I have also worked for a Tech Startup Incubator, and since around 2017 my very passion is lighting design.


Founded in 2020, unform is a small one-man studio based near Nuremberg, Germany. It is focused on developing contemporary, flexible, functional and interactive lighting designs. Before the first design for Poise was published, it was already selected for the Trend Forum presentation of Light & Building 2020 in Frankfurt. Robert, the creative mind behind unform is a multidisciplinary designer and co-founder of two brands.