Happystudio Hide and Climb Residence
Hide and Climb Residence is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Hide and Climb Residence

In addition to rock climbing, this case also integrates different activities such as office work, study, reading, games and more, while taking into account traditional functions (kitchen, bedroom, etc.), making the most flexible use. No matter how evolved, the essence of home is the same - a warm and comfortable place. That's why the designers chose the tree house shape, even though there is no smoke coming out of the chimney.

Hide and Climb Residence
Happystudio Hide and Climb
Happystudio Residence
Happystudio design
Happystudio design

Jimmy Yung is a architectural and interior designer who dedicate in finding the way of human being how to being at home. Cities have been expanding for centuries and the population increases dramatically. Along with great changes caused by the highly developed internet services and threats of the latest infectious diseases, the dwelling has to evolve.All the traditional function defined by its activities, like an office, school, library, playground, track and field, restaurant etc., will connect like clouds and shrink like a mini-world. Therefore, a residence will interact with the desire of its tenants, acting like a treasure box.


As people know, the essence of design is problem solving, but it is not as simplistic as that. Why do we have professional chefs? People get hungry and have to eat. Even so, the job of a chef is not only for eliminating hunger. The issue of huger is also intimately related to politics, productivity and resource allocation.What a chef really has to do is to make dishes with different ingredients from different seasons and different places and combine it all with different spices. Afterwards, they have to display the food in an attractive way on the perfect, matched tableware. By doing these things, people feel the joy of life while filling stomach. The same is true of interior design. The job of a designer is to meet all kinds of needs in people’s daily life and contemporaneously consider all kinds of issues of the site itself and the tastes of the residents. In addition, a designer has to use different material, different colors and different furniture to make people feel the joy of life while living inside.