Jarosław Markowicz Etile Photovoltaic Metal Roof
Etile Photovoltaic Metal Roof is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Etile Photovoltaic Metal Roof

Etile photovoltaic roofing sheet is a product that combines the functions of roofing and photovoltaic panels. The modular, easy-to-use product allows it to be delivered to almost any type of building. Thanks to integrating PV panels in the roof you benefit on time and costs of installation and provide yourself with aesthetic roofing, which performs an additional function - generates electricity. Etile is based on standard steel tile, which makes it easy to install and it does not require changes in the roof structure.

Etile Photovoltaic Metal Roof
Jarosław Markowicz Etile
Jarosław Markowicz Photovoltaic Metal Roof
Jarosław Markowicz design
Jarosław Markowicz design

Electrotile strive to use the latest technologies in the field of solar installations, offering energy independence and electricity bills. One of the main products is photovoltaic roofing sheet, under which mass production factory is currently under construction.