Wei Gu, Di Wu Zhiwen Wearable Thermometer
Zhiwen Wearable Thermometer is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Wearable Technologies Design Award Category.
Zhiwen Wearable Thermometer

This Zhiwen set offers a comprehensive solution for providing users with body temperature, air quality, and humidity data. The water drop blue patch is an iconic symbol for the next-gen of thermometers. It stands out to kids and parents alike. The designer and engineers also push Zhiwen set outside of the current medical device stereotype based on a better understanding of technology components performance request and scope. The designer creates the water drop patch sitting inside the pill-shaped device is in favor of reducing user anxiety and reveal ease use functionality.

Zhiwen Wearable Thermometer
Wei Gu, Di Wu Zhiwen
Wei Gu, Di Wu Wearable Thermometer
Wei Gu, Di Wu design
Wei Gu, Di Wu design
Coman technology

Coman technology is focusing on consumer medical products as the core of value, relying on professional advanced medical technology core and Internet tools, Based on the "form follow function" design philosophy that places equal emphasis on practical and popular aesthetics, it aims to subvert the cold rigid image of medical-grade equipment. Providing new home medical and personal health solutions for home users and hospitals.