Bettina Gomez-Latus Marry Baroque Wedding Rings
Marry Baroque Wedding Rings is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Marry Baroque Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are made of different gold alloys and platinum. The wave pattern on the outside reflects the emotions of a long relationship, while the inside of the ring is smooth and supple. The waves symbolize the highs and lows of a marriage and the unimaginable number of irregularities. For the wearer these rings give remembrance to how exiting life with a partner can be.

Marry Baroque  Wedding Rings
Bettina Gomez-Latus Marry Baroque
Bettina Gomez-Latus Wedding Rings
Bettina Gomez-Latus design
Bettina Gomez-Latus design
Bettina Gomez-Latus

Jewelry is her passion! Bettina Gomez-Latus says, Jewelry must give pleasure and be uncomplicated. It is intended to underline the charisma and thus the personality of the wearer. She designs jewelry which adapts to the wearer and can be worn for every occasion. No matter if you wear jeans or an evening dress. Crafted precision and the highest knowledge of the materials - stones, pearls, precious metals and enamel - are a prerequisite for unique creations. The most beautiful compliment to the designer are the shining eyes of her customers when they first hold their finished piece of jewelry in their hands.

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The motto of Bettina Gomez-Latus is: Jewellery must be fun and uncomplicated. It should convey "joie de vivre" to remind us of beautiful moments. Above all, it should emphasize the charisma and thereby the personality of the wearer. Her goal is to design jewellery that adapts to each character and is wearable on every occasion, regardless of whether you are dressed sporty or elegant. Precise craftsmanship and the highest level of knowledge of the materials - precious stones, pearls, precious metals, enamels and ceramics - are prerequisites for unique creations. She never loses sight of the sustainability and the compatibility of the materials used.