Samantha Chijona Garcia The Armor Costume for a Character
The Armor Costume for a Character is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Performing Arts, Stage, Style and Scenery Design Award Category.
The Armor Costume for a Character

This armor was conceived for a modern version of a classic Shakespeare. Made it with fully recycled materials, mixes metallic corset nerves with leather leggings overlapping layers denoting the various faces assumed by Richard III during the theater play. From a modernist vision in terms of fabric and materials to traditional use of technique and structure, the piece remains the soul of an antique armor. It reflects the vulnerability of the King and the man who coexists inside the character, the world of specters, deaths, and feelings surrounding his life.

The Armor Costume for a Character
Samantha Chijona Garcia The Armor
Samantha Chijona Garcia Costume for a Character
Samantha Chijona Garcia design
Samantha Chijona Garcia design
Samantha Chijona Garcia

Samantha Chijona is a young Cuban-Spanish Costume designer and Art director. Grown in Habana, she graduated in 2016 from the Complutense University of Madrid in the Design degree and she also has taken courses at The Saint Martins school of arts and the Instituto Europeo di Design. She has been working in Art and Wardrobe Departments at films, advertising, and theater, leading groups in national and international projects since 2012. Some of them are Chanel Cruise 2016, ‘‘Vientos de La Habana’’ by Felix Viscarret, ‘’Insumisas’’ by Fernando Perez, ‘’ Un traductor’’ by Barriuso brothers, and the most recent project by Olivier Assayas, ‘’Cuban Network’’, with Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Wagner Moura among others. She has been studying and researching about Cuban fashion history, seeing the evolution, transformation, and loss of the textile and fashion industry within the revolution process. Through the cinema, she is trying to give to the Cuban people the opportunity to use, consume and enjoy Cuban design, creating a new industry that generates a lot of employment involving the experiences and specialties of the old ones while joining them to a new generation.

Jazz Martinez Gamboa

My client, Jazz Martinez Gamboa is a Theater director, who was in charge of the Shakespeare's play which belongs the design to. At that moment he was working for the Cuban Institute of Scenic Arts.