Marco Naccarella Atto Primo Motorcycle
Atto Primo Motorcycle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Atto Primo Motorcycle

Significant advancements to engine design are desired for future motorcycles, automobiles, aircraft, boats. Two fundamental but persistent problems are optimum combustion and operator-friendly operation. Operator-friendly operation preferably includes consideration of vibration, vehicle handling, engine reliability, use of available fuels, mean piston speed, endurance, engine lubrication, crankshaft torque, system simplicity. This disclosure describes an innovative 4-stroke engine that simultaneously provides reliability, efficiency, and low emissions in a single design.

Atto Primo Motorcycle
Marco Naccarella Atto Primo
Marco Naccarella Motorcycle
Marco Naccarella design
Marco Naccarella design
Marco Naccarella

As an Architect and Industrial Designer, Marco’s main target is to achieve innovation and experimentation trough the use of both classic and modern styling, alongside cutting-edge technology and manufacturing. With a portfolio with a large spectrum of project, Marco has a single motto: ‘Talent is not tail at birth’.