Diego Hernandez Lamosa Coverings 2019 Tile Exhibition
Lamosa Coverings 2019 Tile Exhibition is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Lamosa Coverings 2019 Tile Exhibition

Its design incorporates an open floor plan with a defined path as well as conceptual and minimalist spaces that create “photo opportunity” scenarios. The use of lights, colors in trend, vegetation and furniture were the elements chosen to create attractive and photogenic atmospheres, whose purpose is to promote the circulation of images in social media.

Lamosa Coverings 2019 Tile Exhibition
Diego Hernandez Lamosa Coverings 2019
Diego Hernandez Tile Exhibition
Diego Hernandez design
Diego Hernandez design

One of the World's greatest ceramic and porcelain manufacturers with presence and leadership in Mexico and South America. With more than 125 years they have been consolidated as the largest company in the industry of coverings in America. Their story begins in 1890 with the foundation of Compañía Manufacturera de Ladrillos de Monterrey. Later that year they become in Ladrillera Monterrey S.A. Started the production in 1933, being the very first Mexican manufacturer company of tiles, floors and mud blocks. In the 90's they were one of the companies with international quality standards, at the same time their name changed to Grupo Lamosa S.A de C.V. By now they have been in focus on the business of coverings and ceramic adhesives in and out of Mexico.