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Oneder Website is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Oneder Website

Oneder design concept was creating a desirable experience for educators and students with special needs, using an inviting and aesthetic cross-platform system. Illustrations and a warm palette were carefully selected in order to create an appealing feeling. The tablet app allows the students a wide variety of colorful and enjoyable assignments and uploading content from their native environment. Finally, the data collected into a clear and elegant dashboard, influenced by material design.

Oneder Website
Dana Freud Oneder
Dana Freud Website
Dana Freud design
Dana Freud design
Dana Freud

Holds a bachelor's degree in industrial design from HIT academy. Lead product designer at XRHealth, VR/AR telehealth platform. Comes with a multi-year background in user experience design and interface design. Former editor in chief of the leading magazine in Israel "Pixel Perfect". Part of WE Israel's core group, a platform of support and promotion women of the UX community in Israel. Proud mother of two wonderful children.

Dana Freud

Dana Freud is a lead product designer at XRHealth, VR/AR Telehealth platform. Highly creative and multitalented designer with extensive experience in user experience and interface design. Her designed projects over the years have dealt with a variety of content worlds: education, tourism, medicine, information security, etc. Those projects were carried out in front of well-known design agencies in Israel. In addition, Dana was part of a leading digital design magazine in Israel and took part in promoting and mentoring young graphic designers.