Irina Burtseva Freeze Jewellery transformer set.
Freeze Jewellery transformer set. is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Freeze Jewellery transformer set.

Freeze jewellery collection was inspired by the diversity of snowflakes. It's impossible to count variety of these nature-made fractals. So designer wanted to create something that can be transformed many times and each combination can be different. Original form of every snowflake is hexagon, so the core element has hexagon form as well. This design represents jewellery constructor set which can be transformed to a brooch, earrings or pendant. Magnetic lock in the center has 4 different patterns and can be combined with 4 types of delicate titanium plate.

Freeze Jewellery transformer set.
Irina Burtseva Freeze
Irina Burtseva Jewellery transformer set.
Irina Burtseva design
Irina Burtseva design
Irina Burtseva

Irina Burtseva is a young designer and Illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. She looks for inspiration around the world, finding it in the beauty of nature and architecture. In her creations, she strives to share this beauty. Each of her designs does not come out of nowhere - it is always the result of detailed research, with attention to details and understanding of processes. Irina loves experimenting with unconventional materials, combining traditional techniques with the possibilities of modern technology.

Irina Burtseva

Irina Burtseva is a young jewellery designer from Moscow. She graduated from British Higher School of Art & Design in 2019. This design was created and represented as a coursework at BHSAD. All the stages of researching, sketching, developing project, 3d modelling, production and crafting the designer performed independently.