Dmitry Pozarenko Nostalgia Perfumery Store
Nostalgia Perfumery Store is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nostalgia Perfumery Store

The industrial landscapes of the 1960-1970s inspired this project. The metal structures made of hot-rolled steel create a realistic intonation of anti-utopia. A rusty profiled sheet of old fences creates an atmosphere of complete freedom of expression. Open technical communications, shabby plaster and granite countertops add to the interior industrial chic of the sixties.

Nostalgia Perfumery Store
Dmitry Pozarenko Nostalgia
Dmitry Pozarenko Perfumery Store
Dmitry Pozarenko design
Dmitry Pozarenko design
Dmitry Pozarenko

Architect Dmitry Pozarenko 1986 – 1992 – Ural State University of Architecture and Arts (USUAA). Department of Industrial Design. Chair of Industrial Art. Since 1993 –Architectural and interior design specialist, implementation of residential and public use projects. Since 2008 – Lead Architect for the Dmitry Pozarenko Architectural Bureau. Achievements: 2015-2016, Golden A'Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category. 2015-2016, Silver A'Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category. 2019-2020, Silver A'Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category Laureate and GRAND PRIX Winner at the All-Russia INTERIA AWARDS 2015 Interior Design Contest. Nominee for the INTERIA AWARDS 2012 Contest. Laureate of the INTERIA AWARDS 2011 Contest. Creative Motto: "Architecture is 25 thousand compromises that are supposed to create a thing of beauty".

Gold Apple

Gold Apple is a perfumery supermarket chain located in the Russian Federation. The owners of the Gold Apple company focused on creating a special atmosphere for the store, which encourages the customer to return again and again. The Gold Apple store has become the new format of the urban terminal, combining high-fashion brands and mass-market products. Currently, the chain has 15 stores in Russia, 4 of which are located in Moscow.