Anri Sugihara Wf01tr Racing Wheelchair
Wf01tr Racing Wheelchair is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Wf01tr Racing Wheelchair

A Racing wheelchair developed and designed to maximize the athlete's own abilities and improve competitive performance. The design focusing on the short-distance event is ultra-lightweight, high-rigidity and high acceleration, while improving body hold and stability when cornering. The seat position is determined by the seat position simulator SS01, including the optimization of the pushing of the players, and the manufacture is done order made.

Wf01tr Racing Wheelchair
Anri Sugihara Wf01tr
Anri Sugihara Racing Wheelchair
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara

CEO and the design director of RDS Co., Ltd. and the founder and the head editor of HERO X, Japanese web magazine about culture, para-sports, technology, and some.

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