Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo The Sweety Candy Jar
The Sweety Candy Jar is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Giftware Design Award Category.
The Sweety Candy Jar

The wedding is a ceremony for two people, and it is also an important original intention of the wedding to share this joy with more people. We bring everyone a novel interactive experience through wedding candy. You can print a symbol of joy on your face, hands, paper ... anywhere you like, and then two wedding candy will fall out immediately. Guests can continue this fun game and add a joyous atmosphere to the wedding. Everyone receives more than a wedding gift, but also a beautiful wish that can be passed on.

The Sweety Candy Jar
Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo The Sweety
Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo Candy Jar
Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo design
Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo design
Yi Qi & Chen XuanZuo

We are students from University of South China, SIX studio, love design.We are fresh graduates of product design.When designing, it's when I think

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SIX industrial design studio was founded in June 2012,and a flood of young designers who enjoy designing has continued to gathering there. The studio mainly focuses on home furnishing and cultural creations. In terms of its services, it focuses on product planning and band building. Getting a good perspective of innovation, and an understanding on the value of output forms the guiding principles of the studio.