Xiaobo Ye Zmake Office
Zmake Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zmake Office

In this office space project, the designers try to design with a new concept. It launched an artistic, leisure and sharing attempt around people. In the administrative lobby, a huge hyperbolic arched bamboo plait with a height of 2800 millimeters, a width of 4100 millimeters and a depth of 2700 millimeters is set up. At the same time, they design the area with the best lighting as an open office area. In the move line, they intend to use a 21-meter "T" corridor to separate the dynamic and static relationship of the space.

Zmake Office
Xiaobo Ye Zmake
Xiaobo Ye Office
Xiaobo Ye design
Xiaobo Ye design
Xiaobo Ye

Xiaobo Ye, design director of ZMAKE, born in 1986. In 2009, he graduated from the interior design majorof School of design and art, Henan University of Technology, and has been engaged in the design industry for nearly ten years. He has completed many high complexity design projects, and won unanimous praise in the industry with professional ability and rigorous attitude. At the same time, he has made great achievements in many domestic and foreign design competitions. XiaoBo Ye has been engaged in the work of scheme design since graduation, and has contacted various fields of interior design. For design, he has his own unique design logic and insights. He thinks that design is not achieved overnight, but through rational analysis, it is natural to travel. Many years of design experience has produced a special sensitivity and intuition to architecture.


ZMAKE design company is a brand of ZRT Co., Ltd.. ZMAKE design company was founded in 2012, is a diversified design EPC company, the office is located in zhengzhou city harmony building top 19F. With the double qualification of design and engineering construction, the company's design service is complete from the design to the engineering, materials, soft installation and installation, commissioning until the final turnkey. At present, the company has five departments: design department, soft decoration department, engineering department, project operation department and materials department. We always design every interior space work with the belief of "STAY BOLD,STAY FOOLISH", and finally deliver it to the owner through EPC. The company advocates reviewing Oriental aesthetics from an international perspective and expressing Oriental elements with modern language. In the past seven years, Zmake has successfully built a number of high-quality EPC projects, including private residential projects, commercial space projects and office projects.In the future, zhuo ren zhuan will continue to build a team to complete the design consulting service from the beginning until the whole project is completely delivered to the owners, the company will use the most humane and scientific design concept to design good works.