Oz Shenhar Zikit Diameter Change Mechanism
Zikit Diameter Change Mechanism is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Zikit Diameter Change Mechanism

The drum is an exciting music instrument, but they are also the only musical instrument that has one pitch!!! A multiplayer drummer cannot play Rock Reggae and Jazz using the same snare drum. Zikit Drums designed a mechanism that provides drummers a versatility playing experience without being bound to a specific music style by changing the diameter of the snare drum in real-time. Zikit designed to augment possibilities for drummers and giving them new acoustic opportunities in creating unique content.

Zikit Diameter Change Mechanism
Oz Shenhar Zikit
Oz Shenhar Diameter Change Mechanism
Oz Shenhar design
Oz Shenhar design
Oz Shenhar

Oz is working as a product designer since 2006, while he worked as a product manager for the R&D team of Aqua Creations (by the designer Ayala Zarfati) and designed the Mobile collection: "Grace 7 Mobile Light" & "Nana 200 Mobile Light". After he became a freelancer, he started specializes in patent development for conceptual consumer product design. He founded New-Create that designed a revolutionary technology for floating products and has 2 international patents on the technology concept. Since Oct-2018, he is the CEO of Zikit Drums, which also has a patent.

Zikit Drums

The drum is an exciting music instrument, But there is something that blocks this excitement…. Drums are the only musical instrument that has one single pitch!!! So, if I am a drummer that plays Rock, my music is inspired by Reggae, and the band that I play with, has a Jazz session before the show, which drum would fit my needs? In other musical instruments, you can easily play various types of music, you just need to set your fingers differently... Zikit Drums provides for the first time an add-on device that changes your snare drum pitch.... in real-time!!!!!