Andrei Majewski Poma Electric Toothbrush
Poma Electric Toothbrush is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Poma Electric Toothbrush

Poma is a brand of personal care devices. First product is a full-silicone electric toothbrush. Thanks to food-grade silicone, it brings careful yet precise toothbrushing experience. Moreover, silicone bristles absorb less bacteria and extends life of a brush head to incredible 6 months. With a size of 20% smaller than most models available, this toothbrush becomes a universal travel companion for people on the move. Brush comes together with a powerful charging case that extends battery life for another 3 months. Whenever brush is inside of the case – it gets charged.

Poma Electric Toothbrush
Andrei Majewski Poma
Andrei Majewski Electric Toothbrush
Andrei Majewski design
Andrei Majewski design
Andrei Majewski

PomaBrush – most powerful all-silicone electric toothbrush for careful toothbrushing experience. PomaBrush is a new entrant to oral care market aiming to provide positive experience of toothbrush for those with sensitive gums, yet offering powerful sonic motor that helps to clean plaque effectively. For those on-the-go and dynamic lifestyle, PomaBrush features unique charging travel case that extends battery life for 3 months.


Poma is a personal care electronics company. It designs and produces compact yet powerful and beautiful devices for people on the go. At Poma we simplify access to premium devices, cut middle man and deliver product directly to customer. Poma tends to create customer-centric devices, aiming at perfect design and functionality.