Evgeny Arinin Sequenti Studio Flash Light
Sequenti Studio Flash Light is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Camera and Photography Equipment Design Award Category.
Sequenti Studio Flash Light

The unique lighting equipment providing high-speed shooting creates a series of high-quality images that represent a series of layers, and can be used for both amateurs and professionals. This simple lighting equipment saves time and energy in creating a truly high-quality picture with infinite opportunities for post-production. It easily can change the intensity and color temperature of the light, turn on or off individual and groups of sources, and also apply color filters to them.

Sequenti Studio Flash Light
Evgeny Arinin Sequenti
Evgeny Arinin Studio Flash Light
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin

I born to change the world and make it way better than people has used to.

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