Ruma Design Migma Hydrogen Powered Catamaran
Migma Hydrogen Powered Catamaran is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Migma Hydrogen Powered Catamaran

Migma is the Greek word for mixture, an evocation to the life of the sea through structural bionic elements where the rationality of the technique is mixed with the fluidity of nature, represented by this noiseless hydrogen-powered 180 feet electric catamaran as a living entity that furrows the seas with zero emissions. Migma catamaran is based on a minimalist and high-end aesthetic, creating a new way to understand spaces within a catamaran, where the core structure is located in the middle and all elements grow from it.

Migma Hydrogen Powered Catamaran
Ruma Design Migma
Ruma Design Hydrogen Powered Catamaran
Ruma Design design
Ruma Design design
Ruma Design

Ruma Design is an international industrial design studio providing smart solutions from the high quality standards of the automotive design industry. These solutions are based on advanced design, used to achieve the optimal balance between innovation, functionality and styling. Ruma Design process starts with a study of the current market and trends, identifying the key points to create sustainable and disruptive products. The next step is focused on the 2D and 3D study, applying the technique and quality of the A-Class surfaces. Furthermore, designs are conceptualized using technological materials, associated with a vanguard industrial process.

RUMA Design

RUMA is an Industrial Design Studio focused on the needs of customers, helping to identify their requirements with an adaptative solution and creativity. RUMA Design is founded by two ex Ferrari designers with a wide experience in Transportation and Mobilty Design having developed porjects worldwide in countries like China, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain.