Anri Sugihara Ss01 Wheelchair Simulation System
Ss01 Wheelchair Simulation System is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award Category.
Ss01 Wheelchair Simulation System

SS01 is a measurement system designed and developed to improve sitting especially for person who use wheelchair. The simulator came into the world, driven by the development of WF01TR, a wheelchair for racing. It obtains a wide range of personal data, such as 3D data of the body shape contacting with a seat in a sitting position, the rotating speed and torque of each wheels, and shift in the center of gravity of the subject. It is possible to arrive at a personalized optimum solution by precisely adjusting the positions of a seat, seatback, step, and a camber angle based on the data.

Ss01 Wheelchair Simulation System
Anri Sugihara Ss01
Anri Sugihara Wheelchair Simulation System
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara design
Anri Sugihara

CEO and the design director of RDS Co., Ltd. and the founder and the head editor of HERO X, Japanese web magazine about culture, para-sports, technology, and some.

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RDS is a company which can perform manufacturing completely in-house. Our company’s main strengths consist of design sensibilities polished and refined through advanced automobile development, a high degree of quality cultivated in the racing field, and overwhelming speed. In recent years, RDS’s technology has been utilized in such fields as cutting-edge robot development, medical welfare equipment, sporting goods, and support for Paralympic athletes. Being engaged in CFRP products including the parts for F1, as well as in advanced designing, planning, and modeling of automobiles, robots and medical and welfare apparatus. The RDS is jointly developing products with Tomoya Ito who became a medalist at the Beijing and London Paralympic Games. In the combination with the experience of Ito and the technologies of RDS, we will develop products that will surprise the world.