Po Chun Tu Anxin Exhibition Center
Anxin Exhibition Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Anxin Exhibition Center

The shape of wood veneer shavings radians is the main inspiration for the design. The curved shape wall of logs scattered and stacked in the periphery covers the whole exhibition hall, creating a mysterious and quiet atmosphere through the physical structure. With the large log around, let a person feel like in the forest. At the entrance, vaguely the map distribution of the forest farm resources owned by Anxin around the world. The map made of log waste vividly shows the history. The specially designed rotating plate adds interest and interaction to the scene.

Anxin Exhibition Center
Po Chun Tu Anxin
Po Chun Tu Exhibition Center
Po Chun Tu design
Po Chun Tu design
Po Chun Tu

Po Chun Tu, founder of PRID INTERNATIONAL DESIGN´╝î Director of China Interior Decoration Association, Member of Design Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, has been in the design industry for more than 30 years. Over the past 30 years, he has been adhering to the philosophy of life into the concept of personal design, and his works reveal a rich spirit of humanism. Since the establishment of Shanghai company in 2004, Tu personally led it. Now it has been a major real estate group, brand cooperation in many design projects, and won many international awards in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, North America and other countries. Moreover, he is also one of the most popular Chinese designers on the Hurun Report.

Prid International Design

Specializing in high-end residential, real estate projects, clubs, business and other projects... Since its inception in Shanghai in 2005, Mr. Tu has led many design projects for zendai group, rongqiao group, changjia group, Mr. Yung zhijian, jundi investment group, xinhua media group, zhongrun jiefang real estate, China happiness and so on. Such as zendai group of haimen nine hall between example, zendai thumb plaza commercial complex, zendai thumb plaza serviced apartments, office building, Shanghai zendai thumb square gorgeous family scene and serviced apartments example room, beauty in taihu lake (private equity) Mr Yung jin rust in taihu lake garden example room, estate example room in the western suburbs of Shanghai, Shanghai tomson, yanlord riverside group, Shanghai tomson golf, peng hin hoffman crystal palace hall platinum residence example room, France, Italy versace exhibition hall, etc...