Yu Chien Chiang Yappy Bookstore Multi-booksote Space
Yappy Bookstore Multi-booksote Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yappy Bookstore Multi-booksote Space

The design concept expresses the reality of time and space shuttle. In this traditional round building in the southern China style, the contemporary and hustle and bustle that has been walked through. The age is nicked in the body. Yappy Bookstore is like the experience of entering in Alice's Wonderland. With the red hole taking over the space, the red book wall leads into a magical field where time flows in the literary space.Transform the conditions of the old and abandoned space into advantages.Break through limitations and shortcomings, the huge beams and columns are in the old-style.

Yappy Bookstore Multi-booksote Space
Yu Chien Chiang Yappy Bookstore
Yu Chien Chiang Multi-booksote Space
Yu Chien Chiang design
Yu Chien Chiang design
Yu Chien Chiang

After living in the United States for many years, She studied master degree in Milan, Italy. She organize a design team to establish FiiDesign International Design Co.Ltd. Spatial planning is good at the integration of spatial stories and marketing strategies, simplifying the combination of visual system design and also commercial product design elements. Fiidesign can carry out multiple design evaluations, the style presents the innovation and avant-garde of the vision of various countries, and integrates the Italian style effect to fully express the sense of humor and drama of her design works.

Fii Design

From the perspective of marketing planning, develop visual system design and commercial product design elements to extend to the overall space planning. Produced by the Fii design team, it can also accommodate several large and small design solutions at home and abroad. It is an innovative avant-garde that combines the vision of various countries and adheres to the Italian style to fully express the sense of humor and dramatic design performance of the work. . To overall marketing planning and design, there are many commercial spaces and restaurant cases in the country.