E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos Shatron Mute for Trumpet
Shatron Mute for Trumpet is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Shatron Mute for Trumpet

This object is one of more commonly device for a brass instrument. The design solution allows optimal performance conditions as it covers all the standard sound requirements. It consists of ten recycled wood scraps of different densities and types. The structure is produced in carbon fiber filament with 3D printing technology. The product took the meaning from the pyramidal Russian roofs of the 14th century used to amplify the acoustic of the architectonic space. Shatron addresses the trumpeter as a storyteller of new artefacts.

Shatron Mute for Trumpet
E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos Shatron
E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos Mute for Trumpet
E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos design
E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos design
E.Aparo, L.Soares, J.Teixeira, J.Passos

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