Ardh Architects Majlis Private Club House
Majlis Private Club House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Majlis Private Club House

The name "Majlis" is an Arabic term for a gathering guest space; however in the Arabic culture the meaning could be extended to any building that is built specifically for the purpose of hospitality, by the owner, as a welcoming location for his guests. This building is designed as a ground floor L-shaped premises consisting of both a formal and casual living and dining spaces, 2 ensuite bedrooms, a private discrete office, and a detached service block that serves an in-house kitchen. The Building is oriented facing the view of Dubai's Burj Khalifa in the distant horizon.

Majlis Private Club House
Ardh Architects Majlis
Ardh Architects Private Club House
Ardh Architects design
Ardh Architects design
Ardh Architects

Principal Architect - Omran Alowais; An Emirati architect, with an Arabic name which translates to architecture, or urban planning, "Omran." Love to create spaces and enjoy making and building it. I love to mix/challenge the ideas of our traditional and modern idiologies of architecture.

Ardh Architects

Ardh, meaning ‘land’ or ‘earth’ in Arabic, is an Emirati design studio that does architecture, urbanism, landscape and interior design, and 3D site survey. Founded by Omran Alowais, an Emirati architect based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.