Mate Meszaros Tatamu Folding Stool
Tatamu Folding Stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tatamu Folding Stool

By 2050 two thirds of the earth population will live in cities. The main ambition behind Tatamu is to provide flexible furniture for people whose space is limited, including those who are frequently moving. The aim is to create an intuitive furniture that combines robustness with an ultra-thin shape. It takes only one twisting movement to deploy the stool. While all the hinges made of durable fabric keeping it light weight, the wooden sides provide stability. Once pressure is applied to it, the stool only gets stronger as its pieces lock together, thanks to its unique mechanism and geometry.

Tatamu Folding Stool
Mate Meszaros Tatamu
Mate Meszaros Folding Stool

Tatamu is a group of Tokyo-based architects and designers. They have learned to live, work and socialize in tiny, vibrant, multi-functional spaces; their dream is to distill Tokyo urban lifestyle into everyday, functional and beautiful furniture. Furniture that adapts to, reacts to and interacts with our increasingly mobile lives.