Yoshiaki Ito MoFU Puzzle Toy
MoFU Puzzle Toy is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
MoFU Puzzle Toy

MoFU are transforming toys that are also brainteaser puzzles. Starting as identically shaped cuboids that slide out of boxes on drawers, each MoFU unfolds into a different kind of animal - pig, monkey, tiger, hippo, and giraffe. Each animal is its own character with cute and iconic features, but each is also a distinct puzzle. Folding a MoFU back into the correct cuboid shape so it can perfectly fit back into its box is a brainteasing challenge.

MoFU Puzzle Toy
Yoshiaki Ito MoFU
Yoshiaki Ito Puzzle Toy
Yoshiaki Ito design
Yoshiaki Ito design

MoFU (Mighty Omega Folding Universe) is a brand of transforming animal puzzle toys developed and created in Brooklyn by award-winning product designer Yoshiaki Ito. MoFU poseable puzzle toys are currently at a prototype stage until the project becomes fully funded, produced, and distributed. Currently there are five animals developed, with plans for many more. MoFU builds on Japanese traditions of transformation through folding, combined with a sleek Brooklyn design aesthetic using abstracted geometric shapes to form the figures. MoFU are scheduled to be available for purchase in 2021.