LDPi (China Branch) Canopy by Hilton Hotel
Canopy by Hilton Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Canopy by Hilton Hotel

The canopy Chengdu City Center is centrally located at the Tianfu Square. Local cultural elements welcome guests throughout the hotel (Sichuan opera, book cabinets, tea culture, spicy food, architecture...). The lighting design is not only functional, but also focuses on these cultural elements as to make guests feel comfortable in this glocal hotel.

Canopy by Hilton Hotel
LDPi (China Branch) Canopy by Hilton
LDPi (China Branch) Hotel
LDPi (China Branch) design
LDPi (China Branch) design
LDPi (China Branch)

Lighting Design Partnership International (LDPi) provides professional lighting design services at an international level. It provides a range of services working with architects, consultants, designers and clients, from advice on small scale projects to a full design and implementation service on large scale projects. LDPi's approach to lighting design is organic and recognizes that daylight is not static. Change in light quality is vital to people's well being and stimulates emotions. Most projects develop an integral change and control of lighting to compliment the way people perceive the changing patterns of light that surrounds people.

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