Gianluca Sada Sada Hubless Foldable Bike
Sada Hubless Foldable Bike is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Sada Hubless Foldable Bike

The Sada Bike is a hubless, foldable and portable bike with 26 inch wheels. The wheel size allows to have an ergonomic posture in the ride version like a classical bike. The structure design allow to support each wheel in 3 points: the front ones are inserted in the fender structure, while the rear ones are allocated inside the rim. The chain transmits the motion to the lower wheel that transfers torque to the rim. The folding system has a fulcrum in the center that allows to close all frame. The bike can be put into a trolley and the absence of spokes leaves the space to insert other things.

Sada Hubless Foldable Bike
Gianluca Sada Sada
Gianluca Sada Hubless Foldable Bike
Gianluca Sada design
Gianluca Sada design
Gianluca Sada

He gained a strong experience in the field of design and planning first for the studies undertaken in Engineering, then, working for several years in the automotive and interior design sector, which led him to create a start-up starting from the patent of a very particular bicycle ray-free and foldable. The projects he is in charge of gave him given the opportunity to work in the design world with an Engineer groundwork.

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