Giuseppe Santacroce Static Movement Kitchen Sideboard
Static Movement Kitchen Sideboard is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Static Movement Kitchen Sideboard

This product manifests an essential design, which connects function and idea through precise craftsmanship. The project wants to describe the moments spent today in the kitchen, often lived in a frenetic way. The legs of the sideboard simulate a fast movement, like a run. The main feature of this product is the material: it is made entirely of centenary olive tree. The Designer says that the timber was obtained from some specimens felled due to a land deficit, which brought these trees to the end of their life cycle. This project was made entirely by hand.

Static Movement Kitchen Sideboard
Giuseppe Santacroce Static Movement
Giuseppe Santacroce Kitchen Sideboard
Giuseppe Santacroce design
Giuseppe Santacroce design
Giuseppe Santacroce

The designer expresses his thoughts through the beauty of the materials. The designer's creations present an essential and decisive style. He often works with olive wood, recovered from knocked down specimens giving new life to the material. The projects are entirely handmade, thus projecting themselves in the search for an artistic and creative style supported by fine craftsmanship and the use of noble and eternal materials. The SantacroceDesign studio therefore moves away from industrialism by involving expert craftsmen in its projects.

Giuseppe Santacroce

Giuseppe Santacrace Design is a design studio based in Milan. Founded in 2015, the studio embraces various sectors (hospitality, residences, offices, yachts, product design), offering unique solutions, personalized concepts and refined projects, with turnkey projects. My creations present an essential and decisive style, linking Art and Design through a fine craftsmanship.