Haejun Jung Perception Cafe
Perception Cafe is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Perception Cafe

This small warm wooden feel cafe located on the corner of crossroad within a quiet neighborhood. The centralized open-preparation zone makes a clean and extensive experience of barista's performance to visitors everywhere that bar seat or table seat in a cafe. The ceiling object called "Shading tree" starts from the backside of the preparation zone, and it covers the customer zone to makes the entire atmosphere of this cafe. It gives an unusual spatial effect to visitors and also become a medium for people who want to be lost in thought with flavorous coffee.

Perception Cafe
Haejun Jung Perception
Haejun Jung Cafe
Haejun Jung design
Haejun Jung design
Haejun Jung

Haejun Jung is an architect and creative designer who has associate membership in AIA. He is leading a multidisciplinary architecture firm the Feelament and his works are mostly based on data and computational processes with sensibilities. He is an invited professor at Dankook University and an adjunct associate professor at Ajou University in S.Korea. He currently looks to open the boundaries of conventional practice by a fresh and exploratory approach to design with cutting-edge technologies.


Perception is the coffee brand and sub-brand of Feelament. Feelament is a group of architectural/design practices primarily based in Seoul, as well as Jeju, Tokyo, L.A, and Singapore. We look to open the boundaries of conventional practice by a fresh and exploratory approach to design. We are flexible, efficient, and high-quality, and have a keen interest in developing new technological practices. We continually look to developing creative partnerships with people in other domains and have a network of research affiliates (mathematicians, programmers, etc) whose skills we deploy according to the project. Our reputation is for sophisticated design work which we are committed to achieving consistently. We take every design project as a fresh challenge and work imaginatively within the given constraints to achieve something exceptional.