Ricardo da Silva Voltbox Speaker Charging Station
Voltbox Speaker Charging Station is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Voltbox Speaker Charging Station

The design blends style and functionality in one speaker charging station, with two retractable charging cables for Android and iOS devices and two fast-charging usb ports. While the user shares the charging station with someone, at the same time, enjoy some music while catching up with their friends, anywhere one wishes to be. Voltbox is a power bank that works indoors and outdoors, remaining a companion to be connected on and offline.

Voltbox Speaker Charging Station
Ricardo da Silva Voltbox
Ricardo da Silva Speaker Charging Station
Ricardo da Silva design
Ricardo da Silva design
Ricardo da Silva

A Product Designer with a master's degree in Industrial Design and Visual Communication from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland has been working for 13 years in the development of products with unique brand values for businesses worldwide. For the efficient implementation of new ideas, the knowledge of different types of media and development techniques always aimed to comprehend and solve the customerĀ“s needs. The challenge has always been to leverage the company's business through the best resources to propel and place them efficiently in the domestic and international market.

Voltbox Llc

Voltbox Llc is a rising United State of America technology company devoted to providing versatile charging solutions for our customers' busy lifestyles. Voltbox was designed in response to the need to provide a charging solution in our founder's many restaurants and offices. As the product evolved and friends and family wanted the product for their personal use, he dedicated his efforts to providing a personal charging solution. Three years in the making from the first drawing on a napkin, Voltbox was launched at the Varsity national championships at Espn's Wide World of Sports in Disney World in 2018 and participated in the Consumer Electronics Show's Eureka Park in 2019. Voltbox has been featured on nationally syndicated TV shows, including "The Tech Show" and "The Jet Set."