Viktor Bilak Spatial Illusion Exhibition Stand
Spatial Illusion Exhibition Stand is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Spatial Illusion Exhibition Stand

The architectural task of the exhibition stand was to create the viewed space with elements for presentation of the product of the company as wallpaper. For organization of space the asymmetric arches with the displacement were used. Two groups of arches make the illusion of open gates, increasing the interior space of the stand.

Spatial Illusion Exhibition Stand
Viktor Bilak Spatial Illusion
Viktor Bilak Exhibition Stand
Viktor Bilak design
Viktor Bilak design
Viktor Bilak

Viktor Bilak is certified designer, working in the field of design more than 20 years. Professional education of the Stroganov Moscow State Art Industrial University in Russia and the Academy of Bauhaus Dessau in Germany allows him to synthesize Russian and European design traditions and offer original design solutions. In the field of industrial design from Viktor Bilak point of view is the most important to find expressive artistic image and to provide the high quality of it realization.

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EXPOLEVEL® Design-Bureau offers individual approach to the design and implementation of exhibition stands and public interiors. In every design our main goal is the reflection of the uniqueness of the company and its product, the search and creation of an appropriate aesthetic image.