Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono Innato Collection Tableware Set
Innato Collection Tableware Set is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Innato Collection Tableware Set

The main challenge of the Innato Collection was to turn rapid prototyping into final products evidencing their design process and methods in a aesthetically coherent way. The product reflects the influence of technology and digital fabrication on the design of daily objects and use of traditional materials, in this case seen on the nesting and laser cutting of the 3d models. They evidence an almost direct transition from digital modeling, to prototype, to product, while showcasing the adaptability of such an organic material as ceramics into something geometric and modern.

Innato Collection Tableware Set
Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono Innato Collection
Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono Tableware Set
Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono design
Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono design
Ana Maria Gonzalez Londono

Ana Maria Gonzalez is an eclectic designer. Weaving past learnings from a diverse background and experience with everyday renewed awareness. She completed her design studies at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, with focused on strategy, innovation and product design. Currently she is a MSc. candidate at Politecnico di Milano in Integrated Product Design. Ana has developed my career in diverse professional fields ranging from the furniture industry in Colombia, to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in NYC, and the advertising world while working for Cheil Colombia, and most recently she immersed into yet another field: strategic and innovation consulting. With an open mind and a broad perspective, she strives to bring value from this interaction among disciplines and intentionally apply her knowledge of design thinking and human centered design to make sense of problems and solutions. Ana is a firm believer of the power of design to influence our daily lives making the objects that surround us a source of inspiration and an opportunity to create everyday utopias. Its about giving people a chance to find pleasure and perfection in small, everyday things and bring them a feeling of pride/serenity for the lifestyles they create and make tangible in their home, one that elevates the ordinary to suit their creative and spiritual demands.

Innato Design

Contemporary Ceramic Homegoods Personal Brand. Innato’s products present a duality between classic and modern styles, a constant blend between organic and geometric and digital and manual processes. Through shape, color and graphics, they are given a contemporary/ modern feel. Innato goes past the ordinary to make your home extraordinary. It seeks to create experiences around certain everyday activities or spaces. Innato is spanish for Innate, that is, something inherent in the essential character of something. This unique products are meant for people who appreciate design and want to elevate the ordinary to suit their creative demands.