Street Furniture Design Award Winners 2022
Street Furniture Design Award 2021 Winners, World's best benches, outdoor seating, street name signs, bollards, litter bins, post boxes, phone booths, streetlamps, fences, curbstones, fire hydrants, waste containers and any other street furniture in 2021 Nominate your Street Furniture Design now.
Street Furniture Design Award 2022 Winners

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce the esteemed winners of the A' Street and City Furniture Design Award 2021.

Flexion Bench
Winner Work : Flexion Bench
Fold Bench
Winner Work : Fold Bench
Note Bench
Winner Work : Note Bench
Trinity Street Furniture
Winner Work : Trinity Street Furniture
Award for Street Furniture Design

The A' Street and City Furniture Design Award is open to entries by Industrial Designers, Architects, Artists, Civil Engineers and Street Furniture Manufacturers worldwide. Enter your work today to highlight Outstanding Furniture.