Audio Products Design Award Winners 2022
Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award 2021 Winners, World's best audio recorders, microphones, dj equipment, computer audio interfaces, headphones, audio accessories, sound effect devices, audio software and stage equipment as well as their marketing, communication and packaging in 2021 Nominate your Audio Products Design now.
Audio Products Design Award 2022 Winners

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce the esteemed winners of the A' Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award 2021.

PaMu Nano TWS Earbuds
Winner Work : PaMu Nano TWS Earbuds
Silver Siren Speaker
Winner Work : Silver Siren Speaker
Pamu Z1 TWS Earbuds
Winner Work : Pamu Z1 TWS Earbuds
Shr.d Music Player
Winner Work : Shr.d Music Player
Award for Audio and Sound Equipment Design

The A' Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award is open to entries by Audio Equipment Manufacturers, Industrial Designers, Product Engineers and Sound Equipment Companies worldwide. Enter your work today to highlight Audio Excellence.