World Design Consortium Membership
World Design Consortium membership is free of charge for A' Design Award laureates and is subject to an annual fee for others. Membership fee is based on whether you are an individual professional, design agency or large business.
World Design Consortium

World Design Consortium is a Worldwide collective of award-winning designers, exceptional artists, outstanding architects, distinguished engineers and phenomenal innovators who undertake design, art and architecture tasks worldwide.

World Design Consortium organizes Design Tenders for companies and entities from across the globe that wish to procure and buy art, design, architecture, engineering and design consultancy services. World Design Consortium members provides bids and design proposals, and compete for client budgets.

Become a WDC Member

Apply today to become a member of World Design Consortium. By becoming a World Design Consortium member, you will have access to participate in WDC Design Tenders, and be able to bid price quotes and proposals and respond to design briefs with your work to design buying clients.

Whenever there is a new Design Tender organized on World Design Consortium, eligible WDC members are informed with the Design Tender brief and World Design Consortium members are able to participate in the WDC Design Tenders by submitting their proposals and price quotes.

€ 0.00 / annually

• For A' Design Winners
Get WDC Tender*
Join WDC Tenders*

€ 499.95 / annually

• For Individuals
Get WDC Tender*
Join WDC Tenders*

€ 899.95 / annually

• For Agencies
Get WDC Tender*
Join WDC Tenders*

€ 1499.95 / annually

• For Businesses
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* It is important to note that some, very high profile, WDC Design Tenders might require a set level of WDC Rating to see design briefs, participate or submit proposals. Your WDC Rating is calculated based on number and level of A' Design Awards won. If you purchase either one of the Individual (499.95/yr), Agency (899.95/yr) or Business (1499.95/yr) packages, you will be given one (1) digital nomination ticket to nominate your work for A' Design Award in order to obtain a WDC Rating and eventually we will move you to Free package upon a successful A' Design Award victory.

How to Join?

Simply apply from one of the links above, fill your invoicing information and details, and complete the payment, we will get in touch with you and together activate your profile.