A' Design Award in Big Numbers
A' Design Award & Competition has some of the best metrics you could find among design awards and design promotion channels. Our biggest metric and number is the fact that we annually spend a lot to promote and advertise the award-winning designs and their designers.
2.500.000.000+ Impressions

Impressions are the number of times that A' Design Award and its award-winning designs and designers are mentioned, displayed or shown in media online and offline estimated. We have a huge number of impressions each year since A' Design Award & Competition advertises award-winning designers, award-winning designs and the A' Design Award logo itself in countless platforms, and most importantly, A' Design Award allows its laureates to use A' Design Award Winner logo without yearly licensing fees which provides us a huge boost to impressions as award winners also promote A' Design Award logo in national televisions, newspapers and their own publicity. Higher impressions mean higher recognition, acknowledgement, acceptance and provides a sense of establishment and fame, to both the competition as well as its laureates who use the A' Design Award Winner Logo to differentiate and highlight their works.


Hundreds of Millions
of Pageviews

Pageviews are an aggregate count of design, designer, design profile, and designer profile views of award-winning works and award-winning designers, and especially excludes website hits to our platform; for example, you visiting this page is not counted as a hit, and not included in our Pageviews metric, but if you were to view some of the award-winning works, we would count your views of such award-winning works as Pageviews. Pageviews are important as it provides us a sense of understanding on how many times a design and designer is displayed and promoted. We make this number public at the aggregate level as well as for individual designers, and indeed do manage and run the POPDES Popular Designers Index platform which uses our Pageviews metric to help determine popularity of designers worldwide.

Over Hundred
Thousand Users

A' Design Award and Competition is inclusive and competitive since we accept both concept-stage as well as realized entries from all countries, in all design disciplines and from all entities and judge them on pre-defined evaluation criteria in a blind-review process. A' Design Award has a lot of registrations and users, because unlike other awards, creating an account is free of charge plus, creating an account also allows participants to submit their work in order to obtain a complimentary, obligation-free and confidential design score that tells how good a design score is. Nomination fees are paid only if you decide to proceed further. Our wide scope, open-access policy and intense marketing allows us to reach tens of thousands of users from all over the World annually, so much so that this makes the A' Design Award, one of the World’s most international design accolades. Having participants from all countries and winners from a significant number of them, gives A' Design Award the unique opportunity to run and manage World Design Rankings. When you win the A' Design Award, you win a globally known, widely accepted, highly competitive and prestigious accolade that is represented in all countries, in all disciplines.

Thousands of Winners

A' Design Award is not your regular design accolade; there is not just a first-place, second-place and a third-place, we simply cannot do that because annually we receive some of the World’s best designs in hundreds of design categories from all countries by tens of thousands of designers, and picking only three winners does not contribute to our mission of promoting and creating a global appreciation and understanding of good design in order to advance society; this old methodology does not work for us; we want to promote as many good designs as we can every year. Therefore, we award the top 20% of entries annually with Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron level recognitions. Platinum entries are those that are in top 1% of all submissions, you might consider them as the “First-Place”, and there is usually only one (1) in each category, except for larger categories where we might have multiple “First-Places” – Platinum awarded works when there are thousands of good entries. Since we award the top 20%, we have thousands of award-winning designers and even more designs. Are you curious to see these thousands of award-winning designers and their good design works? You will now want to visit Designers.Org where we showcase and promote the very best design works.

183 Categories

A' Design Award is organized under 183 main design award categories + 22 concealed categories with tens of thousands of sub-categories to ensure that design from all facets of business, arts, architecture, engineering and technology could compete in their own classifications. This wide-category approach gives us the unique opportunity to run DAC – Design Classifications platform where you could discover leading designers in each and every design industry, domain, category or discipline. Visit DAC – Design Classifications today to learn who is best designer in which design category.

108+ Languages

A' Design Award results are translated to and published in 108+ languages, making A' Design Award one of the World's most international and global design accolade that reaches almost all earth population in their native language. A' Design Award manages International Design News Network that ensures all good designs reach worldwide publicity and coverage in almost all languages.