A' Design Award Categories
A' Design Award and Competition is organized under 100+ design award categories based on Locarno classification of economic sectors and industries. View top design award categories, complete list of design award categories or concealed categories.
Top A' Design Award Categories

Top A' Design Award categories list includes the most popular A' Design Award & Competition categories, ranked by number of participants and winners. The top design award categories are relatively more competitive than other categories due to higher number of participants; these design competition categories are therefore harder to win due to high level of competition among talents, making them even more prestigious. View the most popular design award categories.

Unabridged A' Design Award Categories

Unabridged A' Design Award Categories list includes all non-concealed A' Design Award & Competition categories. The unabridged list also includes all new design competition categories. When compared to the top categories, newer competition categories are relatively less competitive and provide a higher chance for newcoming participants to demonstrate their skills and talents. View the unabridged list of A' Design Award and Competition categories.

Concealed Award Categories

Concealed categories are different from regular competition categories by having their results hidden from the public: Results will not be published online, and winners of concealed categories will not receive the PR Campaign that is intended for other categories due to the secret, private or hidden nature of the products and designs that are being submitted. Concealed categories are intended for products pending patents. as well as designs that might contain trade-secrets and projects hidden due to privacy concerns. Winners of concealed categories will be able to use a special award winner logo in their communications and marketing and may be entitled to some other benefits. Learn more about concealed design award categories.

Category Information

If you are having difficulties in choosing the right category for your work, simply register and upload your design and wait for the preliminary checking service which is provided free of charge. Alternatively, you could submit your design for the category 24 for hard to classify projects. If you are wondering why there are so many categories, we kindly invite you to read more about networking effects.