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This page explains the Limited Edition Prints of the A' Design Award - Award Winner Designs Book. The A' Design Award Yearbook of Best Designs are provided free of charge to award winner designers.

Yearbook of Best Designs
The Hardcover Yearbook of Best Designs are provided free of charge, as a complimentary gift to the A' Design Award & Competition laureates during La Notte Premio A' - the A' Design Award Gala-Night and Award Ceremony. There are no fees for inclusion in the yearbook publication either; the pagination, layout design and management of your pages are done by the A' Design Awards. The Hardcover Best Design Yearbooks are included in the design award winners' kit, together with award trophies, design excellence certificate and other deliverables. Furthermore, a digital version is available for download, free of charge, for all winners.

Winner Designs Book
The hardcopy, limited edition of the annual winners' yearbook contains awarded designs of the A' Design Award & Competitions'. Winner Designs of the last competition period together with design descriptions and photos from the A' Design Award Gala Night and Exhibition is included. The book is usually made with hardcover protective cover with oversewn binding printed on acid-free glossy paper. A' Design Award Winner Design Books' are registered publications in Italy (registered to Italian ISBN subset) and printed and published by DesignerPress. Each book is usually a few hundred pages. For a preview of book contents, visit

A Single Yearbook for Each Winner
Each A' Design Award professional edition entrant winner receives a single complimentary copy of the hardcopy edition of the book during the Gala-Night or Exhibition for free. Furthermore, both professional and digital edition participant are able to download the PDF version of the books. Digital downloads are freely available for the design award winners. Unlike other design awards and competitions, there are no costs for: the hardcover or digital yearbook inclusion, if you win, you get included free of charge, and we do not ask you to contribute to the expenses for creation of the book such as pagination, layouts, graphic design or anything else as a part of our no further fees policy, plus before we publish the yearbook, you will be able to see how your page looks like to fix any issues before its publication.

Additional Yearbooks for Winners
Winners who would need further hardcopies of the book could order online before the Gala-Night. It is important to order additional yearbooks before Gala-Night so that additional copies of the book to be included in the winners packages. Each winner is limited to order a maximum of 5 (five) limited edition hardcopy prints only unless otherwise stated (the system could display more options, if so you could purchase more copies, this depends on number of available prints). To buy additional yearbooks, please click on the relevant purchase links belowf from the Table.1 Limited Edition Prints (For Winners) or Table 2. Limited Edition Prints (For Non-Winners, Including Past Editions).

Designers as Co-Authors
Designers who have their works published in the book, are credited as "co-authors" of the yearbook. In some cases and countries, this could provide an additional benefit, as it could be counted towards publication in academic sense as the book is a registered publication in Italy with ISBN. The book also includes list of jury members, and several further information as well as some images from the gala-night of past editions, and descriptions and details about initatives and programmes by A' Design Awards.

Gift for Clients and Friends
The A' Design Award hardcover yearbook of best designs, which includes the very best designs from all the countries is a great gift for clients and friends alike. If your design is in the book, it is truly a good gift idea for your clients to make them impressed, or proud and happy if their work is a winner since the logo of your clients (or your own logo as the designer if you created the work for your own) will also be published in the yearbook, designers who won the competition can also order additional copies of the yearbook with great discounts, discounted order information is communicated after results announcement. Since we give only one free book with each award winning entry, we suggest to purchase additional discounted copies for your team members or company in advance before gala-night to avoid any shipping costs later. The book has A4+ size, it looks great on all bookshelves as well as coffee tables and corporate desks. The A' Design Award yearbook is a great resource for design inspiration.

Free Hardcover Yearbook of Best Designs
The hardcover yearbooks are provided free of charge to Press Members to create incentives and possibility for them to publish the award winners. If you are a press members, get in touch for a phyiscal press kit which includes some other gifts. Furthermore, university and higher-education institutions and libraries could request a free copy, we cover the shipment. Finally, A' Design Award winners will get their yearbooks during the gala-night and award ceremony as a part of their winners' kit.

Buy the Hardcover or Digital Yearbooks
You can buy the hardcover yearbooks, as well as digital edition versions. The pricing given below is for a single set of books. Award winners shall use this page by clicking here to preview their bookpages as well as to order additional yearbook copies with discounts special to winners. Non winners, guests, and any other design enthusiast and design lovers could order our yearbooks from the links below:

Table 1. Limited Edition Prints (For Winners)
Package Name # Books1 Cost per Book2 Shipment3 Total Cost4 Purchase Link
Winner Designs 2013-2014
Hardcopy Edition (873 Pages in 3 Volumes)
Vol 8-S. ISBN: 978-88-97977-07-0 (346 pages)
Vol 9-P. ISBN: 978-88-97977-32-2 (364 pages)
Vol 7-C. ISBN: 978-88-97977-12-4 (163 pages)
3 50 € 50 € 200 € Buy Now.

**Please notice that during the A' Design Awards gala-night and exhibition periods, the prices are applied without the shipping costs as the winners could simply pick their books. And please be reminded that every laureate who joins the gala-night and award ceremony already gets a free yearbook as a part of their A' Design Prize winners' kits.

Additional Options:

Table 2. Limited Edition Prints (For Non-Winners, Including Past Editions)
Book Name # Books1 Cost per Book2 Shipment3 Total Cost4 Purchase Link
Winner Designs 2010-2011
Hardcopy Edition (155 Pages)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-01-8
1 75 € 25 € 100 € Out of Stock
Winner Designs 2011-2012
Hardcopy Edition (330 Pages)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-00-1
1 75 € 25 € 100 € Out of Stock
Winner Designs 2012-2013
Hardcopy Edition (515 Pages)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-09-4
1 75 € 25 € 100 € Out of Stock
Winner Designs 2013-2014
Hardcopy Edition (873 Pages in 3 Volumes)
Vol S. ISBN: 978-88-97977-07-0 (346 pages)
Vol P. ISBN: 978-88-97977-32-2 (364 pages)
Vol C. ISBN: 978-88-97977-12-4 (163 pages)
3 75 € 75 € 300 € Buy Now.

Table 3. Digital Editions (For Non-Winners Only**)
Book Name # Books1 Cost per Book2 Shipment3 Total Cost3 Purchase Link
Winner Designs 2010-2011
Digital Edition (PDF)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-02-5
1 29.95 € 0.00 € 29.95 € Buy Now.
Winner Designs 2011-2012
Digital Edition (PDF)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-03-2
1 39.95 € 0.00 € 39.95 € Buy Now.
Winner Designs 2012-2013
Digital Edition (PDF)
ISBN: 978-88-97977-08-7
1 49.95 € 0.00 € 49.95 € Buy Now.

**Please remember that winners can already download the digital editions of the yearbook for free.

A' Design Award Logo
Winner Designs 2013-2014, Volumes P, S & C
Available Downloads: Hires: 3176 x 2776 px Medium: 715 x 330 px 72dpi Jpeg

A' Design Award Logo
Winner Designs 2013-2014, Volumes P & S
Available Downloads: Hires: 4724 x 4000 px Medium: 715 x 605 px 72dpi Jpeg

A' Design Award Logo
Award Winning Product Design 2013-2014 (Volume P)
Available Downloads: Hires: 4000 x 4000 px Medium: 715 x 715 px 72dpi Jpeg

A' Design Award Logo
Award Winning Communication Design 2013-2014 (Volume C)
Available Downloads: Hires: 5068 x 3548 px Medium: 715 x 500 px 72dpi Jpeg


Award Winning Designs Book 2012

design award yearbook

The A' Design Award yearbook is a great source for design inspiration where great designs from seven continents are featured. Check out the design award winners to have a glimpse of what is included in the yearbook.

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