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This page explains participation steps to join A'Design Award and Competition. To Download Presentation Guidelines click here.

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Detailed Entry Instructions and Suggestions are as follows:

1. Fill the registration form.
The registration form is divided into two parts (click here to go to the registration page), the first part is the required information which you have to fill in order to recieve the award, you also need to agree with the terms and conditions to proceed. Second part consists of optional information, this information although optional is highly suggested to be filled by designers, makers, innovators, architects, crafters and participating companies as they will be used to create profile pages of the participants, however this information could also be filled at a later time. When filling this information, it is important to read about profile-creation and naming suggestions.

1.5 Download Presentation Guidelines
Before uploading your project images, you might wish to download our presentation guidelines which clearly explains image dimensions and requirements.

2. Upload your design or designs.
After you register successfully, the system automatically assigns you an ID number, you recieve a confirmation email for your email address and a personalized page is created for you, you are automatically redirected to this newly created page (click here to go to your personalized page). This page is called "The Hidden Cabinet", you will be able to upload files to this virtual cabinet and it is only accessible by you, after login. While at this page, you will see the upload new design () sign, click on the sign to go to the upload page. An upload page will open and you will be able to upload several images. After you upload a design to "The Hidden Cabinet", it will appear as a thumbnail and you will be redirected to the details page. You will be required to enter several details about your design, click on the details and descriptions () to modify the details in the future, after you have entered the details you will be forward to the thumbnail page. If you want to exhibit your designs in the Salone del Designer and A' Design Award and Competition's pages, click on the exihibit () icon next to your design to change preferences, by default it is "exhibit after competition regardless of the result". You can also optionally upload a thumbnail / preview image by clicking on the thumbnail icon (). In summary: UPLOAD DETAILS > FILL IN DETAILS > UPLOAD THUMBNAIL. It is actually easier than it sounds.

2.5 Preliminary Checks
Preliminary checking service is a complimentary (free of charge) service provided to all participants before and after the nomination. We suggest all participants to make use of this service in order to receive indicative preliminary scores, additional jury feedbacks, comments and suggestions about their presentations.

3. Nominate the designs.
Visit Nominate Designs page after logging in, you will have several payment options, For each payment, you will receive an invoice by Email, "Processing fee for joining A Design Competition", with this invoice you will recieve a code in green (second line of invoice, click here to see an example), this code is important if you need any support. While waiting for payment confirmation, you can nominate as many designs as you have made the payment for. You can nominate the designs by going to your "Hidden Cabinet", click on a nominate sign () next to the design from the list of designs. When you nominate the designs, they will be flagged with a "awaiting payment" (). After a payment has been received, the designs will be pass a preliminary check and they will be flagged as "checked" () .

3.5 Submission Optimizer
The submission optimizer helps you improve the quality score of your presentation and thus potentially achieve a better ranking in the competition. The service is provided free of charge to all participants.

4. Wait for results or order Express Judging Service
Depending when you enter the competition, the results may take a while to be published, you will wait for about 3 to 12 months (and the late entries will wait about 3 months to 21 days). 3 Months before the competition is publicly announced (and 7 days before publicly publishing for late entries), you will know whether you have won the competition or not. If you won the competition, your designs will be flagged as won (). You will be able to see a score-sheet (), download a certificate (), get link () and widget () page for the e-certificate and access statistical information including votes etc, you can get the press-kit by clicking the press (), furthermore some designs will have notes or suggestions attached to them, click on notes () to see them. If you did not won the competition, the design will be flagged as renominate (). You can renominate the design, however it is best to check the notes and scoring, improve the design and submit an improved version of the design rather then simply renominating a design, sometimes it is possible that the design is great but miscommunicated. If you do not want to wait for results announcement date, you can order express judging service.

4.5 Judging and Dissemination Preferences
Once you nominate your design you could also save judging and dissemination preferences for your project. If you wish to get your results announced earlier or later, if you wish to have your project pr started first or last, or if your design to be voted before or after other designs, you can indicate these preferences by simply editing your design. At the bottom of your design-view page, you will see a tab for judging preferences.

5. Make use of the Post-Competition Services
Winners of A’ Design Award and Competition are provided a very long list of services that include exhibition, yearbook participation, exhibition and award certificates, the trophy, gala-night participation, prime clubs invitation, distinguished designer program, salone del designer, design megastore invitations, translation to native languages, business networking, design marketing, press releases and more. A significant portion of these services can be accessed from your control panel once your award status is confirmed, such as downloading award winners’ logos or ordering your winner kits.

After registration and login, you will be able to upload and nominate your design from your control panel.
The interface shown below will be displayed after login:

• Upload Your Design • Uploaded Designs • Nominate a Design for A' Award
Upload your designs to the competition here. You can also submit videos and documentation. Hidden Cabinet: View your uploaded designs here. From this page you can also edit your designs details. View and nominate your projects here. From this page you can also view uploaded designs.
• Submission Guidelines • Submission Optimization • Judging & PR Preferences
Download the Submission Guidelines to learn how to improve your submissions presentation quality for visuals, text-fields and other details.. Improve the quality of your submissions by following the automatically generated suggestions. For each of your designs, you can select your preferred judging dates to learn results earlier if possible.
* If you are already registered, go to your control panel to nominate the designs you have already uploaded, otherwise, to register and nominate your designs click: Submit Your Designs

Simplified Entry-Instructions: Register to A’ Design Award, login and upload your project. If you wish to learn in advance how well your entry would perform or to have the jury check your presentation, you could wait for preliminary checks and if your entry is accepted to the competition, nominate your entry, otherwise follow jury instructions or suggestions to improve.

1. Register : https://competition.adesignaward.com/registration.php
2. Login : https://competition.adesignaward.com/login.php
3. Upload : https://competition.adesignaward.com/uploaddesigns.php
4. Nominate: https://competition.adesignaward.com/nominateadesign.php

Also see
1. List of Categories: https://competition.adesignaward.com/design-award-categories.html
2. Presentation Guidelines: https://competition.adesignaward.com/document-download.php?ID=42
3. Submission Optimizer: https://competition.adesignaward.com/submissionoptimizer.php
4. Learn about Preliminary Score: https://competition.adesignaward.com/preliminary-checks.html

Design Award Nomination Instructions

A' Design Award and Competition has developed an extensive design presentation guidelines document to ensure that all participants have the highest chance of success during their participation via excellent presentation.
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