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This page lists the accredited press, media and publications for A' Design Award, winners can see further details such as contact persons and emails. This is a list of design publications, design blogs and design magazines. A more inclusive list of design blogs is available here.

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Accredited Design Publications

· DesignAmid - DesignAmid is an Italian Design and Lifestyle Magazine that publishes fresh design news and articles, in English and Italian.

· DesignMag - DesignMag is a specialized magazine that publishes award winning designs in various arts, design, product and architecture categories.

· International Design News Network - International Design News Network magazine provides articles about award winning designs, contemporary design issues etc.

· D3Z1GN - The D3Z1GN magazine publishes articles about design events, happenings and news.

· Design Revolution - Design Revolution is an international online design magazine publishing articles about architecture, arts and design.

· Packaging Design News - PDN publishes articles about packaging design, new and interesting package designs and occasional articles about other design issues.

· It is Great Design - If it is great design, then we will publish it in our magazine, features articles about award winning designs, arts and architecture.

· Design Newspaper - Design Newspaper is a daily design news magazine, publishing design news, featuring designers, product designs, interiors and architecture

· Fashion Design News - Publishes articles about fashion design and accessories, design lifestyle, news and events.

· Graphic Design News - Publishes articles about graphic designers, graphic design, and features other award winning designs

· Interior Design News - IDN publishes daily news about interior design projects, architecture, furniture design, new building and construction components etc.

· Industrial - Industrial is a design magazine featuring articles about industrial and product design, and occasionally other categories such as packaging, graphics etc.

· Design You Trust - Design you trust is a regularly updated publication, featuring new design trends, designer portfolios, photographers, fashion and creativity news.

· Design Today - Design Today is a publication about arts and design news, hand-picked design portfolios, creative advertisements, and inspiring designs from all over the globe.

· Like Design - Publishes design articles, great design portfolios, trendsetting design news, events, design competitions and contests on a daily basis.

· Design Insider - The Design Insider publishes modern and contemporary design news, featuring both upcoming artists, industry news and award winning professionals.

· Architecture Mag - Architecture Mag features articles about architecture, architectural design, urban design, landscaping and others.

· Digital Artist - The digital artist magazine is a daily updated blog about new design news, trends and events, focusing on digital design, 3d and graphic news.

· Give Get Design - Give Get Design, will give you fresh design news for contemporary houses, furniture design, interior decoration and artistic creations.

· Which Design - Which Design features highly attractive designs and award winning design projects from all around the globe, focuses on modern product designs.

· Design Quarterly - Design Quarterly features news, trends, design news and competitions, creative design portfolios, professional designers and upcoming artists.

· Multimedia Hub - The Multimedia Hub is a news center for arts, architecture and design, featuring designers, artists and architects from all over the world.

· Design Cult - Design Cult publishes cutting edge designs, contemporary architecture, inspiring photography, art and crafts news and events about design industry.

· Design Ambient - Design Ambient mainly publishes articles and news that focus on interior design, landscaping, architecture, city and urban architecture.

· Design Reviews - Design Reviews features reviews about upcoming designers, professional photographers, artists, architects, creative agencies and moreç

· Design Trophy - Design Trophy publishes design competitions, contests and awards and their winners, featuring designers, artists and architects.

· Design SoJourn - Actually a design company, but publishes quality articles about design and design management related issues, news and articles.

· Brand New - chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work, focusing mostly on identity design and a modest amount of packaging. We cover redesigns and new designs.

· Katie Treggiden - Covers photography, design, arts related topics, and especially publishes interviews and articles about design.

· Trendland - Daily news on fashion, design, photography, art, culture, music and video, also features a shop selling design products.

· Dezeen Magazine - Especially features news on architecture, interiors, and design, one of the most influential magazines with fresh content everyday.

· Siteinspire - Especially publishes articles about websites that have a good look, special navigation, use of infographics, use of photography and typography.

· David Airey - Features articles on advertising, arts, books, branding, business graphics, typography, packaging, photography and advice for design students.

· Vectro Ave - Features articles on design, fashion, architecture, music, photography, technology, transportation, videos and more.

· Onextrapixel - Features articles on design, inspiration, development, including also links to tutorials, freebies, giveaways and other resources.

· Yatzer - Features articles on home design, interiors, architecture, art, exhibitions, graphics, vehicles, travel, gastronomy and much more.

· Speckyboy - Features articles on web design, graphics, mobile development, user interfaces, inspiration and links to freelancing and resources.

· Noupe - Features articles regarding web design, photography, photo manipulation and graphic designs, and provides links to graphic freebies.

· Booooooom - Features arts, photo, music, design, and projects on arts and architecture, especially unique artistic designs and art works get voice.

· The Fox is Black - Features design, illustration, photograpy, art, music and architecture and inspiring design news and visual contents.

· Car Design News - Features designers portfolios, articles, auto shows and galleries, all about car design and automotive industry news.

· Curve Magazine - Features industrial design news, events, designers, award & competition announcements, and industry trends and issues. Print version also available.

· It's Nice That - Features inspiring design new on advertising, animation, architecture, film, events, exhibitions, film, furniture and graphic design and more.

· Car Body Design - Features news on car design, articles on sketching, 3d drawing, production cars, concept cars and automotive design.

· Yanko Design - Features news on industrial design, especially publishes concept design news, artists articles and

· Lovely Package - Features packaging design, packaging design news, and inspiration for package designs, subdivided into categories for food, toys, fashion, beauty etc.

· ID - Identity Designed - Featuring graphic and brand identity design works, Identity Designed is a showcase and forum for those involved in the design of brand identities.

· Smashing Magazine - Focused more on coding, web design, mobile, graphics and user interface designs, provides tutorials, articles and knowhow for designers.

· Creative Review - Focused on advertising, design and visual culture, covers ads, art, books, digital, illustration, photography and typograph and others.

· Andrew Gibbs - Focused on packaging design and package design industry, publishes articles on creative package designs, packaging news, events, awards and conferences.

· COLOURlovers - Not exactly a magazine, COLOURlovers is an international creative community that helps people discover their inner designer through design tools focused on colors.

· UCreative - Posts about graphic designs, inspiration, news and resources, and also contests.

· Designboom - Provides daily coverage about design, industrial design, architecture and fashion news, also organizes competitions for companies and makes workshops.

· Just Creative Design Blog - Provides graphic design tips, articles & resources ranging from print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography, advertising & more.

· Bak Magazine - Published also in pdf format, features news on fashion, interior, furniture design, and also features contest winners from international awards.

· Fubiz - Published in French, features articles about inspiration, motion graphics, graphics, design, photography, advertising, technology and more.

· We Heart - Publishes articles on arts and culture, travel, design lifestyle, fashion, news and events, music and also features artists.

· Ecommerce Platforms - Publishes articles on data visualization, web design, freebies, graphic design, tools and resources for designers.

· Design Juices - Publishes articles on graphic design, product design, web design, photography, fashion, design envents and inspiration.

· Core77 - Publishes design resources, interviews, news and events, especially on industrial design but also on graphics and interiors.

· Dapper Esq. - Publishes inspiring design news, from packaging design to illustrations, features especially young artists works, coolest and greatest stuff.

· Wallpaper Magazine - Publishes news about design events, features interior design, architecture and furniture designs, designers and architects.

· Abduzeedo - Publishes news about design, design interviews, design tutorials, design inspiration and wallpapers. Offers also a job listing.

· Cool Hunting - Publishes unique visuals that you would not see elsewhere, anything from arts, fashion, exhibition, sneakerrs, tech to architecture news.

· Visuelle - Stated as a visual resource, provides news from design companies regarding their work on packaging, arts, typograhy, print design and more.

· Swiss Miss - Swiss Miss is run by a design company, featuring both their and others works, especially interesting designs, packaging, print and videos.

· Idsketching - This is a unique magazine that especially features information and resources about how to sketch, features articles and videos of sketches.

· Solid Smack - This is especially a good magazine that is more oriented towards engineering, the design culture and resources on 3d modelling.

· Web Design Ledger - WDL features articles on web design, such as freebies, inspiration, resources, tips, tools and tutorials, and occassionaly other news.

· Design You Trust - Design you trust publishes articles about furniture design, gadgets, fashion, architecture, and photography. Featuring unique and interesting works.

· WorldlessTech - Features articles on science and technology, nature and green, arts, architecture and design news, an edgy blog with unique news stories

· Frame - The online version of the frame magazines, frameweb features articles on design, architecture, photography, arts, exhibitions and art installations.

· Pink Blog - This is an Italian design blog that publishes design articles focusing on sound design, typography, hi-tech, eco-design, illustrations, accessories, web design and much more.

· Contemporist - Focused on architecture, design, art and travel, Contemporist features articles that are more artistic then commercial, some mentioned projects include furniture and interior designs and unique creations.

· Dexigner - Publishes curated design news and announcements, along with a design directory that links to other design studios. Does not publish designs, but publishes competitions and events.

· Apartment Teraphy - Focuses on life at home, decor styles, interior living, budget and green projects, furniture design, room design and others all about decoration.

· Inhabitat - Publishes news on architecture, interiors, products, technology, energy, transportation, fashion, arts, kids and contests.

· Design Sponge - Focuses on interior design and decoration, features articles around categories such as spaces, places, before-after, do it yourself, entertaining, products and also has some columns on arts and design.

· Design Milk - Features articles on interior design and decoration, home furnishings, arts, architecture, style and fashion, technology, and contains a section for news and events.

· Polkadot - In Italian, publishes news on architecture, arts, books, cycling, design events, fashion, graphics, interiors, Italy, photography and others.

· Design Interviews - Publishes interviews about award winning designers, showcasing their works and designs.

· Tuvie - An online design blog about cool designs and gadgets, features especially design tech news, events and unique design works.

· Retail Focus - Focused on retail design news, inspiration and projects, the magazine also offers a directory and events page to keep up with news or reach retail designers.

· Icon - IconEye is the online version of the icon magazine, featuring news on architects, designers among with design products and a gallery of interiors.

· World of Interiors - From, Condé Nast Publications, features interior design news, trends, new products, decoration tips and more.

· Abitare - Italian magazine on architecture, design, art and graphics, one of the most influential print publications in Italy.

· World Architecture News - Features news on architecture, arts, interior and design, in English and Chinese, includes section for podcasts, awards and jobs.

· Kbb Daily - An industrial publication focusing on kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other sector news, includes a features and jobs page.

· H.O.M.E. - A german publication that publishes news on interior design decorations and trends. Sections include design guides, interiors and shopping guides.

· Hospitality Interiors - A magazine that focuses on interiors of hotels, i.e. decoration and new product designs, contract furniture etc.

· On Office - This is a specialized design magazine that features articles regarding workplace and office design, and architecture.

· Living - An extension of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, features news on furniture design, tendencies and trends, arts, architecture and other issues.

· KBB Magazine - As the name suggests, a magazine covering news and design trends for kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom interiors.

· ARC Magazine - International magazine for architectural, retail and commercial lighting, features news, projects, product guides, technology, interviews and events.

· Archiproducts - Features products and interior design elements and provides guidelines and listings for architects to choose furniture for their projects.

· FX - FX has been heralded as the most successful magazine ever for the contract industry. Over the past two decades it has become the market leader in worldwide contract interior design.

· Archilovers - Archilovers is an international architecture news and design portal, featuring design and architecture news, new products, projects, design teams etc.

· Design Exchange Magazine - Features articles on architecture, design, video, products and events. Also

· A1 Lighting - Sector magazine for lighting, features a buyers guide, directory for products, events listing and fairs for lighting industry.

· LS:N - Publishes articles categorized under seed, trends, insight, innovate, inform, inspire. Requires a subscription to read news.

· Architect's Journal - Feature news and sections on buildings, competitions, specifications, culture, students, etc, delivers also event and competitions.

· DeTnk - A magazine that focuses on collecting, buying and selling design. Features sections for exhibitions, studios, and option to sell design.

· Design Alive - A Polish magazine for design, features articles on products, designs, news, trends, arts and architecture.

· Design Observer - Features articles on design culture, design schools, artists works, and features also a section for jobs.

· I love typography - As the name suggest, ILT is a blog about typography, usage of fonts, and types, includes interviews, font making information and other news.

· Kottke - One of longest continuously running blogs on the web, features articles on design, creativity, inspiration and branding.

· Blue Ant Studio - From the design studio of joel pirela, comes a curated collection of modern architecture, home accessories and current design trends.

· 2 Modern Blog - Features news on architecture, interiors, fashion, trends, sustainability, kids and baby, art and graphics, and more such as events, interviews, tradeshows

· Design Mom - Features news on design, travel, arts, architecture and more, covering especially design articles that appeal to people with kids.

· Style Park - Features news for interior design, architecture, new furniture design, new products and buildings, decoration and similar news.

· Trend Hunter - The TrendHunter features what is hot right now, trends in tech, culture, design, ads, business, lifestyle and cutting edge ideas.

· Dwell - Features news about products, decoration ideas, places, events, and publishes newsletters.

· Toxel - Publishes news for design, inspiration and technology, covers architecture, gadgets, tech products and more.

· Web Urbanist - Features articles on architecture, art, design, technology and other news, trends, gadgets and more.

· Dornob - Features articles on interiors, furniture, household objects, art and design, also publishes news about new designs and designers.

· Arkitip - Features fine art, exhibitions, photography, features with designers and artists, garments and gadgets.

· Decor8 - Focused on decoration, publishes articles on interiors, new furniture, architecture, arts, creativity and more.

· Cherry Flava - Features mostly advertising work, videos, digital technologies, branding news, pictures and design related content.

· Designer Daily - Features design articles with inspiration, tips, reviews in addition to how-to tutorials and also features a job board.

· Daily Icon - Features architecture primarily, followed up by books, design, gadgets, icons, interiors, life, news, photography and trends.

· Cool Material - Features gears, tech, style, home, rides, food, drink, music, art, videos etc, all about what is cool right now.

· Supertacular - Publishes fresh, fascinating, inspirational design projects and share them with those on the look-out for eye-grabbing, time-worth stories.

· Design Taxi - Features design, arts, architecture, marketing and branding news, also has a calendar, jobs and observatory sections.

· DesignFetish - Publishes photography, graphic design and advertising works, typography, branding and marketing news.

· Beautiful Life - Dedicated to all aspects of design. Beautiful Life is full of interesting and unique info about creative design, beautiful art and luxury lifestyle.

· Treehugger - Media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream, publishes news on eco-design, gadgets, technology, nature and others.

· Frog Design - From Frog studio, publishes news on design and innovation, their latest creations, design research and engineering articles.

· Colossal - Features art, design, photography, video and a visual archive section, publishes mostly visually stunning works.

· Hongkiat - Publishes articles about interactive design and user interface software, tools, inspirations, gadgets, how to guides and also features a section for freebies.

· Design Indaba - Design Indaba has been committed to a vision that is built on the belief that creativity will fuel an economic revolution in South Africa. Publishes articles on design, innovation and creativity.

· DXGN Design Journal - Publishes news on award winning projects, design news, tips, hot and new projects, cool designs and more.

· Bustler - Focused on Archicteture, publishes news on events, competitions calls and results, tender announcements, new projects and sector news.

· Itsliquid - Publishes calls for arts festivals, design competitions, architecture events and others.

· Packaging of the World - Packaging of the World is one of the most prominent packaging design website showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging work worldwide.

· Feel Desain - An Italian design blog for advertisements, architecture, arts, designs, concepts, illustrations, graphics, packaging, photography and more.

· Popsop - Publishes news for branding, design, innovation, creative agencies and features agencies and industry news.

· Popsop Russia - The Russian version of the Popsop magazine, featuring news on design, branding, innovation, creative agencies and others.

· Archinect - A platform that connects architects, features events, competitions, and new architectural projects.

· Novate - A Russian blog that features news on design, furniture designs, architecture and fashion news, hot products and more.

· Design Buzz - Published in Italian, the design buzz blog, part of Elle Network features design related news and trends, interior designs, furniture and others.

· Frizzi Frizzi - Published in Italian, the frizzi frizzi focuses slightly more on fashion and moda, but also features articles on graphics, design news and events, and current trends.

· Young Designer - An Italian design blog that especially features news about designers and their creations, in addition to new design events such as competitions and fairs.

· The Design Files - An Australian design magazine that feature news on Australian Design, fashion, retails, interviews, arts, crafts, foods and other categories.

· Design Street - The Design Street is an Italian Webzine for Design, Arts, Architecture, Automobiles, Technologies, Books, Photography and more.

· In Design Live - A design magazine that features designers, artists and architects trough reviews, provides event coverage, publications, product news and more.

· Creative Bloq - Publishes news on graphic design, web design, 3d design, digital art, inspiration, photo editing, videos and more.

· ADI - ADI - Associazione Per Il Disegno Industriale is the Industrial Design Association of Italy, organizes the famous Compasso d'oro, provides conferences, events and workshops for its members.

· ICSID - ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design is the super association of other design associations, organizes world design capital and other important events, endorses awards and competitions, provides design educations and workshops.

· ICoD - ICOGRADA is the International Council of Communication Design, is the world body for professional communication design and a partner of the International Design Alliance , publishes guidelines for design, endorses cultural events, makes international des

· Fahrenheit - Fahrenheit magazine publishes news and articles on culture, life and style, technology and markets. The magazine is available in English, French and Spanish.

· Wtpack - A Russian blog that publishes news regarding commercial and conceptual design of packaging, branding, marketing, as well as persons and studios in packaging industry.

· Architime - A leading Russian publication regarding architecture, architecture competitions, international architecture news and buildings. Features sections for building design, urban architecture and occasionally interiors.

· Hyperallergic - Hyperallergic covers art and related news; covers subjects such as creativity, contemporary and modern arts, designs and music.

· We and the Color - We and the Color is a blog about creative inspiration in art, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, product, interior, video and motion design.

· Photography Blogger - Photography Blogger is a creative photo journal for photographers publishing useful tips, inspirations, showcases, and more regarding photography.

· The Art Wolf - Published in both English and Spanish, The Art Wolf is an online magazine aimed to offer an original, independent point of view about the art world.

· My Modern Met - My Modern Met publishes interesting and visually attractive news, designs, ideas and photographs, serves as a trend-spotting platform for all.

· Feel Desain - Feel Desain publishes news on advertising, applications and digital design, architecture, art, concepts DIY and Maker designs, events, fashion, gadgets, graphic, illustration, interior design, packaging, photography, street art, typography and videos.

· E-Architect - E-Architect is an architecture portal where both the editors and readors couls submit information about architectural projects, the website includes sections for architects, E-architect also organizes architectural walking tours and promotes competitions,

· Where Cool Things Happen - WCTH is a website featuring exceptional images of places, travel destinations, art, photos, gadgets, transportation and vehicles, outdoors, advertisements, food and architecture.

· Just Imagine - Just imagine is a lifestyle design magazine featuring architecture, art, crafts, design, food and drink, home and decor, and photography articles and images.

· Zilla - The Zilla is an online magazine that features advertising, architecture, art, design, gears, graphics, motion pictures, places, technology and vehicles.

· Ignant - Ignant is a magazine featuring especially arts and artworks, design, photography, illustrations, architecture, videos and interviews with designers.

· Architecture in Belgium - The A+ Magazine (Architecture in Belgium), features architectural news mainly from Belgium and all over the world, together with columns, interviews and focus on architectural products.

· Baunetz - Designlines is a magazine featuring artistic design projects, products, interviews with architects, stories, products of furniture, baths, lighting and kitchen etc.

· Intramuros - Intramuros is a French interior design magazine featuring furniture designs, designers, events and competitions, videos and interviews. Content is also available in English.

· Bau Maister - The German Architecture Blog Bau Meister features architecture events, news, and in-depth columns. This is a printed publication as well as an online magazine.

· World Architects - The World Architects in an online portal of major architects around the world, the website is available in many regions with local translations, features office profiles, architectural and furniture product manufacturers, architecture jobs, architecture e

· Design Made in Germany - Design Made in Germany is an online portal featuring designers, design jobs, mostly covering graphics designs but also mentions

· The Architectural Review - AR is a magazine featuring buildings, reviews, views, essays about architecture, architectural products, and features sections as city guides, events, and awards.

· Domus Web - The website of the Domus magazine, featuring architecture, design, art and products that relate to architecture, design and arts. Website also features an online shop for design products and books.

· ArchPaper - The ArchPaper (Architect's Newspaper) is an international publication focusing on architectural news, jobs and competitions.

· Competition Online - Competition Online is a website that publishes call for tenders, competition announcements for architecture, architectural project news, people, jobs and product manufacturers.

· AGDA - The Australian Graphic Design Association Limited is the peak national organisation for professional graphic designers. It was founded in 1988 to facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia.

· Design Singapore - The DesignSingapore Council is the national agency for design, under the Ministry of Communications and Information. The agency’s mission is to enable Singapore to use design for economic growth and to make lives better. Publishes design calls, news, a

· Web Design - Web Design Library is an internationally refereed resource that provides a platform for the dissemination of design thinking and research. It covers all theoretical and practice-oriented aspects of the effective, efficient and attractive presentation of i

· Architecture and Design - The Australian Architecture and Design Magazine publishes news on products for interiors, construction and architecture. showcases new building and architectural products to architects, designers, specifiers, engineers and builders.

· ArchiExpo Trends - ArchiExpo Trends features products, people, inspiration and events in design architecture and interior design niches. ArchiExpo is especially popular among designers, interior designers and architects who are looking for inspiration or good products to us

· Fast Company - Co.Design is a daily exploration of the intersection of business and design, from architecture to electronics, consumer products to fashion.

· Living in a Shoebox - Living in a Shoebox is a blog dedicated to furniture, interior design, accessories and technology for design and small space living.

· The Design Home - The Design Home has sections such as architecture, interiors, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, lighting; essentially a blog about home, design and interiors.

· The Crafted Life - The Crafted Life is a DIY - Do It Yourself blog that features readymade and DIY designs by the public as well as the author.

· Arthitectural - Arthitectural is a blog on architecture, covers architecture, furniture, interiors and other design elements such as jewelry.

· JazJaz - JazJaz features sections such as art, design, photography and allows designers or artists to submit their work.

· Leibal - Features content on architecture, product design, industrial design, furniture design and has a web store with beautiful products.

· Arch2o - Arch2O - Arch H2O is a blog that publishes news on architecture, design and art, it is a good design publication with unique content.

· Contrastly - This is a publication on photography, featuring photography tips, great photography examples, camera reviews or any other content that could be related.

· deMilked - The demilked magazine features artwork, photography, creativity news and content. Sections include graphic design, arts, industrial design, ads, photography, architecture, interiors and web.

· Inspiration Hut - Features graphic design, packaging, arts, illustration, photography and other content, has links to downloads and free graphics.

· Stash - The stash magazine features news on animations, VFX, motion design and other animated art including commercials, musicals, broadcasts, short films and more.

· The Style Files - The Style Files is dedicated to search the globe for inspirational finds. Observations and ideas related to design, interiors, art and other life enhancing subjects are posted daily.

· Muuuz - A French publication that covers architecture, design, trends and tendencies, inspiration, interior decoration and arts. Original content and articles.

· KNSTRCT - Beautiful blog on design, features articles on design, furniture, packaging, interior design, rides, travel, spaces, art and interviews with designers.

· Whudat - Whudat features news on art and design, fashion and lifestyle, photography, music and urban art. It is a German lifestyle and design publication.

· Klat Magazine - An Italian magazine that features art, culture, interior design, photography, architecture, fashion, illustration, watches and other content.

· Comunicadores - Comunicadores is Portuguese publication that covers culture related articles such as publicity, commercials and videos, entertainment, cinema, animation, games, music, marketing, branding, and design.

· Surface&Panel - Surface&Panel is a website featuring houses, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and related material plus arts and crafts, automobiles, technology, outdoor, photography, fashion and toys.

· Ignant - Ignant features art, design, photography, architecture and exclusive sections such as work in progress, two of a kind, 24 hours, monifaktur, places etc.

· DesignCurial - Features news on architecture, design, art, interiors, projects, awards, events, news, blogs and opinion. Plus contains a product directory.

· Juxtapoz - Juxtapoz features sections such as illustration, erotica, photography, design, graffiti, music etc, it covers culture news.

· Fashionista - Fashionista features articles on fashion news, fashion business, style, beauty, shopping and other news that relates to fashion, apparel, textiles, garments and style.

· Wealthy Gorilla - Features luxury design, news on celebrities, expensive goods, latest gadgets, automobiles, yachts, travel and other contemporary news.

· Bless This Stuff - Bless This Stuff magazine covers topics on technology, wear, living, culture, sports, vehicles and more, features trendy products, concepts, accessories etc.

· Studio 5555 - Studio 5555 is a great German publication, featuring news on Architecture, Design, Interior, Buildings, Automobile, Yachts, Lifestyle and other items.

· Webdesigner Depot - Webdesigner Depot is one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, tutorials and much more

· Buro 24/7 - One of the most popular design portals in Croatia, the Buro 24 / 7 features content on fashion, culture, media, beauty, lifestyle, design and photography.

· Arredativo - Italian publication on design, furniture and competitions. The Arredativo publishes the best design products as well as news on design.

· Blog Esprit Design - A French design publication that features design, designers, architecture, transportation and topics on trends, lifestyle and packaging.

· Designaholic - This is a Mexican design blog which features topics such as architecture, interiors, residentials, competitions, industrial design, art, mexican design, furniture, fashion, products, technology, transportation and events.

· Le Manoosh - This is a place where designers can submit their work which could be featured online at their website. It is a design publication featuring great work.

· Trendir - Features sections such as house designs, modern interiors, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, fireplaces, staircases, flooring, tile, lighting, decor accents, decor trends and home appliances.

· CoolHunter MX - This is the Mexican edition of the Cool Hunter, featuring moda, arts, design, architecture, trends, and other sections as well as latest trends.

· ArchDaily México - This is the Mexican edition of the Arch Daily, featuring news on architecture and interior designs mostly.

· Podio - Podio is a Mexican publication for architecture, design and interiorism as they call it. It is also published as a traditional design magazine.

· 90 + 10 - 90 + 10 is an Argentinian design media on paper and online, dedicated to design, creativity, fashion, technology, cars, music and lifestyle format.

· Roc 21 - Roc 21 features news on graphic design, advertising, tutorials, typefaces, and resources. It is a Mexican publication.

· Codigo - Codigo is a Mexican publication that features articles on topics such as Art, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Cinema, Style, Opinion, Interviews and Videos.

· Japanese Design - The Japanese Design website features sections such as Product design, Architecture, Exhibition, Art, Fashion, Weekly news, and Japanese design shop where you can buy some of the designs.

· Designer in Action - Designer in Action is a magazine that covers information for creatives. Design portal for design, design, typography, paper, photography, art, creative industries and more.

· Digicult - This is an Italian publication for design featuring news, interviews, reports, essays, calls, and books on design. It features digital art, design and culture.

· Czech Design - The Czech Design features topics such as design topics, photo reports, design menu, digital designs, design history, young designs and more.

· DesignMagazin - The Czech design magazine features topics such as design events, architecture, interior, products, fashion, design technique, media and art.

· Earch - Earch is a Czech publication that focuses on architecture, design, interior architecture, design events and features a section for jobs.

· Typo Graphy Nerd - The typo graphy nerd is a German publication featuring sections such as information on fonts, typografie, praxis, gadgets, tools and a shop. Features graphic design work.

· The Design Blog - The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world, with the main focus on young designers/ students.

· Designlovr - Designlovr, design lover is a German blog on design, interiors, advertising, architecture, fashion, photography, technique, scene and more.

· Schoenhaesslich - This is a German blog about trends, lifestyle and popular culture. It features sections such as art, photography, fashion, furniture, architecture, and more.

· Superpaper - This is a German publication that features topics such as fashion, music, arts and culture, as well as parties.

· Design Culture - The Design Culture website is a Brazilian design portal for design, inspiration, technology and geeks, also featuring market for jobs and announcements.

· Fine to Design - Italian Design Blog. Features news on design, architecture, apartment therapy, lifestyle. The blog also features latest design events and happenings and focuses on Italian Design.

· Appunti di Casa - Appunti di Casa is an Italian Design Blogm, featuring interior, decor, DIY, design, vintage and modern, mix, and more.

· Home-Trotter - Italian design magazine home-trotter is a design addicted, especially fond of interior design, featuring both modern as well as classical interiors.

· Maison Lab - The Italian publication featuring interior decor ideas, design elements, furniture, decoration tips and works of good design.

· Design Outfit - The Design Outfit is an Italian home decor and design magazine that covers home design, interior design, textiles, furniture and lighting.

· Oh My Design - Oh My Design is an Italian Blog that features Interior Design, furniture, lighting and interior projects.

· Ars City - The Italian Design Publication Ars City features many good art and modern design projects, collections, design objects, art and design, and other fields.

· Arredamento facile - Arredamento facile features design, interiors and lifestyle sections, mostly furniture and interior design objects.

· Italian Bark - The Italian Bark is published in English, it features sections for design inspiration, interiors, original fins, original interiors, design objects and made in Italy.

· Meet Your Mood - Meet Your Mood focuses interior design, interior style, textiles, home furnishings, furniture pieces, lighting and decorative items.

· Id Tips - Interior Design Tips as the name suggests a blog for interior design tips, but it also features cool designs, graphic work, art and more.

· Moda e Arredamento - Fashion and Furniture, an Italian design blog featuring interior design, trends hunter, design inspiration and Italian design works.

· Design Theraphy - Italian design publication featuring home living and lifestyle news, architecture, decoration and decorative accessories, design for kids, interiors, outdoors and objects of design.

· La Chaise Bleue - An Italian design blog with a French name, La Chaise Bleue features original architecture, interiors, lifestyle and design inspiration.

· House Mag - House Mag is an Italian Design publication featuring furniture design, kitchen design, bathroom design, office design, home living, design, DIY and design events.

· Bobos - Bobos is an Italian lifestyle magazine featuring art, fashion, web, tech, music, events, design and more such as food and travel.

· Collateral - Collateral is an Italian design zine that brings many authors under the same roof, covering photography, illustration, design, motion, installation, street art, music and interviews.

· ArchDaily - Arch Daily - The Architecture Daily is a portal for architecture, interior design and urban design.

· Architecture Lab - Architecture Lab aims to make architecture more connected, and bring together architects/designers from around the world searching for the latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others.

· Ateliertally - Atelier Tally is a UK blog exploring design #madetolast. Interested in design that contributes to the world and is beyond superfluous and unnecessary design.

· Beautiful Life - Great design blog featuring sections such as Interior Design, Web Design, Advertisement, Urban Design, Fashion Design, Art Works, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Automotive Design

· Desire to Inspire - Highlighting interior designers and decorators, architects, stylists, photographers or their own readers' homes, Desire to Inspire aims to do just that ... inspire.

· April and May - April and May blog has a strong focus on interior, styling and concept. The blog features articles on food, kids, travel, style, interior and projects.

· Bright Bazaar - The bright bazaar covers topics from interiors to lifestyle and travel, featuring exceptional designs as well as DIY projects.

· Poppytalk - Founded in 2005, Poppytalk is a lifestyle blog dedicated to supporting the beautiful, the decayed and the handmade.

· Remodelista - Interior design publication featuring sections such as 10 Easy Pieces, 5 Quick Fixes, Accessories, Antiques & Vintage, Architecture & Interiors, Architect Visit, Art & Photography, Books, Countertops, Current Obsessions, Design News, Design Sl

· Lobster & Swan - Lobster & Swan covers articles from favourite recipes and home decor ideas to daily discoveries and inspirations.

· Dear Designer - Dear Designer is an interior design blog featuring interior accessories, art, rooms, home decors, furniture, garden, flowers, Scandinavian style and similar categories.

· Interior Zine - Interior Zine features interior design, interior decorating, stylish homes, trends and tips for interiors and furniture design, it is a web magazine dedicated to everything related to modern interior design, interior decorating, furniture design, accessor

· Mad About the House - Mad About the House features design classics, objects of design, interior design and lifestyle.

· Vosgesparis - Vosgesparis is an interior design blog with a focus on Scandinavian design and ideas on decorating with minimal colour & maximum style.

· We Heart - We Heart is an award winning online Arts, Culture, Travel and Design Magazine exploring the intersections between arts; culture; lifestyle; travel and design. Featuring interiors, installations and more.

· Blue Ant Studio - Blue Ant Studio is a curated collection of modern architecture, home accessories and current design trends.

· Coffee Break - Coffee Break is a blog by CAFElab studio. Featuring latest trends in architecture, interior design, furniture, photography and Italian Design.

· Complexitys - Complexitys is a blog on Parametric Design, Architecture and Art, featuring parametric interior design and parametric architecture as well as other parametric and generative designs.

· Cool Tools - Cool Tools is a web site which recommends the best/cheapest tools available. Tools are defined broadly as anything that can be useful. This includes hand tools, machines, books, software, gadgets, websites, maps, and even ideas.

· DeMilked - Demilked is a design milking magazine. They milk the world's most creative minds and make you tasty inspiration cocktails by mixing industrial design, arts, photography, illustration and more.

· Design Like - Design Like features sections such as architecture, building design, decorating, design furniture, gadgets and technology.

· Design Mag - Italian design magazine, featuring trends and design ideas, furniture, decoration and interior architecture with the news from the most famous designers of the moment.

· Design42Day - Design for today is a design magazine, an incubator, a platform oriented towards the promotion of the best design in all of its forms. Features industrial design heavily.

· DigsDigs - Interior decorating and home design ideas to make your place a better. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms inspirations. Features furniture design and architecture often.

· Dornob - Contemporary design and decorating ideas, pictures & inspiration - amazing modern houses to incredible bedroom & bathroom interiors, fantastic living

· EdgarGonzales - Spanish blog on design, architecture, landscape, urban design and visual design.

· Fast Company - Inspiring stories about innovation and business, seen through the lens of design. Features all sorts of design, product design, design strategy and tech.

· Gessato - Gessato strive to bring you the very best of the world of design, to elevate creative thinking, to promote elegant decisions and innovative solutions. Featuring peerless design, exceptional craftsmanship, superb materials.

· New Atlas - New Atlas has been celebrating innovation and human endeavor since our first website launched in March 2002.Since then we’ve produced more than 60,000 articles covering advances in technology, science, transportation, architecture, design, and many othe

· Grassroots Modern - Shelter blog featuring affordable modern home products. Heavily features interior designs, furniture, lighting and similar.

· Makezine - Makezine celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. Features original designs by creators and makers, DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

· Muuuz - ArchiDesignClub by Muuuz is heavily focused on architecture, urban design, landscapes, interiors and furniture.

· NordicDesign - is an award-winning online magazine dedicated to design, interiors, architecture and lifestyle inspired by the Nordics. Updated daily, the site presents a curated selection of innovative products, beautiful home tours, hip retail spaces, i

· Social Design Magazine - An Italian design publication on art, graphics, design and architecture, mostly featuring interiors, furniture, lighting and decor as well as product design.

· Spoon & Tamago - This is an English publication that features Japanese art, design and culture, contemporary design and architecture.

· Arrested Motion - Arrested Motion is a publication about motion graphics, art, installation, art fairs, interview with artists and studio visits.

· Canadian Design Resource - The Canadian Design Resource features designers, designer interviews, product design, furniture and interiors.

· Creative Boom - Creative Boom is an art & design blog for the creative industries, featuring art, graphic design, illustration and photography.

· Cruzine - Cruzine is an online magazine for everyone, who has true interest and passion for everything, associated with creative arts, web design, graphical arts, and illustration.

· Designcollector - Designcollector features interior design, graphics, motion, branding, advertisement, illustration and photography.

· Design Magazine - A great Greek design publication, showcasing the best examples of modern production from the fields of graphic design, the web design, illustration and industrial design, advertising and typography.

· Draft - Draft is an Italian publication featuring stories, people and technology of visual communication and graphics field. Also featuring the upcoming events in the industry and newly launched products.

· Neocha - Neocha features culture & creativity in Asia, publishing news on design and more.

· Gràffica - Gràffica is a Spanish publication featuring graphic design, creativity, trends and visual culture.

· Etapes - The French publication étapes is all about graphic design, visual design, and illustration, presenting the latest works and interviews with deisngers

· Eye Magazine - Eye is a digital and print publication about typography, illustration, graphic design, arts, digital arts and more.

· Applied Arts Mag - Applied Arts is Canada's premier magazine of visual communications. Since 1986, they have delivered gorgeous imagery, strong opinion, timely information and essential industry insight to our readership of creative and marketing professionals.

· Typeverything - Typeverything features graphic design, typography, calligraphy, fonts, type faces and more.

· Webdesigner Depot - Web Design Resources for Web Designers. They include Photoshop Tutorials, WordPress Plugins, and Web Development tools.

· Ziguline - This is an Italian publication that feature art, photography, culture, graphic novel, books and design.

· Another Something - This is a design publication that share the beauty of cultures, weather that be on fashion, art, craftsmanship or our passion for cycling – as long as there is a certain aesthetics

· Cosebelle Magazine - Cosebelle Magazine is a Italian blog that share design, architecture, arts, music, style, cinema, graphic design and more.

· Dazed & Confused Magazine - Youth and pop culture provocateurs since 1991. Fearless fashion, music, art, film, politics and ideas from today's bleeding edge. Declare Independence.

· Guillotine - Guillotine is a blog that features style, design, product design, footwear and more.

· HYPEBEAST - HYPEBEAST is the leading online destination for men's contemporary fashion and streetwear. Shop at our store and also enjoy the best in daily editorial content.

· Sight Unseen - This is a design publication that feature design, exclusive product, interiors, homeware design, lighting product and more.

· Springwise - Their team of over 18,000 Springspotters sources the latest innovation, startup, and new business ideas from around the world.

· Superfuture - This publication share urban cartography for global shopping experts. Maps and downloadable city guides, news, travel intelligence, fashion forums and clothing marketplace.

· The Brander - The Brander is an emotional branding magazine, an exclusive online platform that provides high-class photo spreads and premium editorial articles.

· The Cool Hunter - This is a design publication that feature architecture, design, travel, fashion, lifestyle, music, art, amazing places, events, food, house and more.

· TheCoolist - TheCoolist is the Encyclopedia of Cool: a design lifestyle magazine about modern architecture, exotic cars, future technology and more.

· Trendland - Online magazine reviewing Trends in Design, Art, Photography, Interior Design and culture.

· Viacomit - This is a website that feature new design product, fashion and packaging.

· We Make Money Not Art - This is a design publication that feature art, science, photography, graphic, technology and more.

· Yorokobu - Yorokobu is a Spanish website that feature new ideas of design, flairs, inteiors, architecture and more.

· This Is Glamorous - This Is Glamorous feature design, decor, fashion, food, travel & the daily search for beautiful things.

· ELLE Decoration - ELLE Decoration is the world's leading homes and lifestyle magazine.

· Design Hunter - Design Hunter is design and lifestyle blog that feature homeware decoration, product, interior, architecture and more.

· Frankie magazine - Welcome to frankie magazine online, the digital home of all things fashion, music news, craft, photography, travel, Australian events & more!

· Eigen Huis & Interieur - This website feature interior design and architecture from all the world.

· Wonen ELLE - This is a design publication that feature style, beauty, lifestyle, decoration and more.

· Cereal - Cereal is a bi-annual magazine about travel and style. Exclusive stories, features, film, playlists and online travel guides.

· Elle - Swedish designer and paper artist Bea Szenfeld created this year's coolest wrapping paper, with a pattern that looks like wrinkled paper.

· Interjeras - This is a Lithuanian publication on interior design news, featuring sections such as interior gallery, architects and designers, goods, services, interior market, useful tips, interior competitions.

· Interiorator - Interiorator is a design blog that feature interior, furniture, vintage, photography, product, lighting, architecture, jewelry, texture, arts and more.

· Lucy Gough Stylist - This is a design publication that feature interior, architecture, product, style & textile, travel and more.

· MasilWIDE - MasilWIDE is an architecture web magazine from Korea. A wide variety of content through attempts to introduce architects, buildings from Korea.

· Kuća Stil - A Serbian lifestyle portal featuring architecture, interior design, furniture, entertainment, technology and design. Also available as print.

· Inkult Magazine - This is a Mexican design publication that feature culture, art, design, lifestyle and visuals.

· DesCan - This is the design publication of GDC, Canada's Professional Association for Design, it covers news for designers and beyond.

· L' Essenziale - This is an Interior Design Blog that feature furniture, graphic, technology, lighting, ideas for your home and more.

· GUCKI - my daily inspiration - Gucki is an Italian Design blog that feature Art, cooking, travel, packaging, branding, photography and more.

· Homeli Design Blog - A multi-faceted design blog that focuses on architecture, furniture, technology, art and industrial design. In depth, balanced, quality articles on some of the freshest design projects.

· Little Big Bell - This website feature Design, Interiors, Fashion & Lifestyle.

· Love Chic Living - Award Winning UK Home Interiors blog - inspirational home decor and interior design ideas for a family home, written by Jen Stanbrook.

· Don't cramp my style - This is a design blog that feature interior, style, furniture, photography, graphic, texture, fashion, beauty and more.

· Eclectic Trends - This is a design publication that feature Trend consultant & speaker specialized in Interior Design & Lifestyle. Teaching moodboarding techniques off- and online.

· Ideal Home - Finding gorgeous gadgets to make your life easy. This website feature technology, software, applications, mobile communication and more.

· Design Chic - This is a design publication that feature interior, furniture, style, décor, lighting and more.

· UPCYCLIST - UPCYCLIST reports on beautiful upcycling and innovative reuse of unwanted, unloved materials and objects from around the globe.

· Enviromeant - Enviromeant is a showcase of the best and most interesting projects in the field of environmental graphic design.

· Manzárd Café - Manzárd Café share graphic design, product, illustration, photography, style, texture, interior, lighting, furniture, events and more.

· TERKULTURA - This is a design publication that feature furniture, product, architecture, lighting, texture, style, decorations and more

· 90 Grados - This is a Puerto Rico design publication that feature design, interiors, art, architecture, and events around design.

· ArtsLife the cultural revolution - This is a website that feature Design, Exhibition, photography, musica, theatre, cinema, books, arts critique and more.

· Design Diffusion - This is a design publication that feature interior, food, architecture, events and more.

· Architonic - The Independent Source for Products, Materials and Concepts in Architecture and Design.

· 1 Kindesign - Interior design and architecture articles, inspirational ideas and dedcoraing, gardening and design trends.

· Style Motivation - Design blog about fashion, style, home decor and architecture, diy ideas, cars and travel.

· Digital Trends - Digital Trends is a source for technology news and unbiased expert product reviews of TVs, laptops, smartphones and more.

· Design Scene - Design Scene is a network of magazines curated as a daily fashion, style and design destination. Giving you exclusive editorials, the best of fashion glossy, and international runways always with a unique mix of design articles. Besides there are fascinat

· Design Swan - DesignSwan is a web blog devoted to uncovering and sharing the latest and greatest design, inspiration, graphics and technology from all over the world.

· Design your way - Design your way is a design blog about graphic design that shares tools and resources for great ideas

· World Landscape Architecture - World Landscape Architecture is a webzine providing landscape architects with news and information about the profession by the profession. World Landscape Architecture seeks to work with landscape architects, allied professionals and the landscape indus

· Social Design Magazine - Social Design Magazine is a social online magazine, where collaborative space open to all creative people: designers, architects, graphic designers and artists, with a special focus on emerging designers.

· Adverve - The blog and podcast witha different news from business, lifestyle, design, advertisement, photography and more.

· Adeevee - Adeevee is a design platform combined by users uploading images of the ads, graphic and communication design

· Marketing Magazine - Marketing is Canada's definitive source for news, analysis and insights into the business of marketing. It also works as a digital and video platforms, presenting industry awards and events.

· More About Advertising - More About Advertising is the alternative voice of advertising, marketing and media that try to bring the inside track on developments in advertising, marketing and media that make a difference.

· Motionographer - A blog community that showcase and discuss inspiring motion graphics, animation, design, film, visual effects and experimental moving image storytelling

· SHOOTonline - SHOOTonline is a trusted source for news, information, industry trends, new screenwork, and people behind the work in film, TV, commercial, Entertainment production

· Skwigly Magazine - Skwigly is the largest & longest running animation magazine in the UK, dedicated to news, interviews, tutorials, podcasts & videos.

· Stimulant - Stimulant aims to inspire ad industry creatives, blog highlights the best ad ideas from Canada and abroadwith a section for a jumble of innovative, brilliant stuff that’s not tied to advertising

· Strategy - Strategy uncovers and shares the “bold vision, brand new ideas” of Canada’s national marketing community, publishing the monthly strategy magazine, strategy events, as well as various initiatives with industry partners

· Campaign Brief Australia - Campaign Brief is an advertising industry must visit site for all the latest in news and new campaigns with just about everyone in the industry logging on at least once a day

· Design Crush - This is a design blog that features artistic and design oriented articles for every day insiration.

· Brand Republic - The Smart Filter | Brand Republic - Brand Republic features marketing, media, advertising and PR news, blogs, videos & research plus jobs.

· HouseLogic - HouseLogic provides smart advice about home improvement and home ownership to help to enhance a home’s value and enjoyment of it.

· Graphic Exchange - Mr Cup is an inspiration blog and a shop for graphic designers who need to improve their life and creativity: posters, stickers, vintage objets, letterpress products

· Making it Lovely - A design blog about living a stylish life and transforming and decorating house.

· Adliterate - Adliterate is dedicated to providing radical thinking for the brand advice business.It is concerned in the main by the future of advertising and the marketing communications industries, the impact of technology on communications and the nature of pote

· Logo Design Love - Logo Design Love is a website and bestselling book for those with an interest in logos and brand identity design.

· No me toques las Helveticas - No me toques las Helveticas is a blog about publishing and marketing, graphic and communication design

· Nice Fucking Graphics! - This is a design publication that feature news and articles about graphic design, illustration ad animation.

· Packaging | Uqam - Packaging | Uqam is a design blog with a great number of artiles on packaging in all forms.

· Positive Magazine - Positive magazine is a print and on-line magazine focusing on different views around the world about Photography, Art, Fashion, Reportage and much more.

· Slanted - is a weblog that has typography and design as its topic. Founded in 2004 it has grown into one of the most important design portals and discussion forums in the German-speaking area

· Inspiration Grid - Inspiration Grid is a daily-updated blog celebrating creative talent from around the world with a daily fix of design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and more.

· Bigumigu - Bigumigu is a a Turkish blog that share illustration, creativity, photography, packaging, architecture, graphic, visual design and more.

· B9 - B9 is a Brazilian website that articles in advertising idustry.

· ATELIER RUE VERTE - This is a design blog n French about interiors, desoration and home ideas.

· Beautyarchi - This is a design publication that feature decoration, interiors and furniture design in French

· JO YANA - Blog in French about fashion, lifestyle, decoration and designthat aims to inspire people

· Le Petit Français - Le Petit Français is a blog about lifestyle, man fashion, digital news and trends, design and insiration for every day.

· Méchant Studio - This is a design blog in French about interiors, architecture, decoration, fashion and more

· Mon Coin Design - This a French design blog about architecture, interiors, fashion, hi-tech and trend on design

· Regardsetmaisons - This is a design publication in French about interior design. decoation, architecture, fashion and many more news.

· 20 Minutes - 20 Minutes is a French online magazine with a set of everyday news in politics, entertainment, sport adn design.

· La criatura creativa - La criatura creativa is a Spanish blog that feature packaging, illustration, product design, interior, technology and more.

· Bonitismos - Bonitismos is a Spanish blog that feature product design, graphic, packaging, vintage, photography and more.

· Idea Creativa - Idea creativa is a Spanish website publication that feature product design, illustration, advertisement, graphic, new technology and more.

· Blogartesvisuales - Blogartesvisuales is a website that feature Graphic, illustration, packaging, product design and more.

· Area Visual - Area Visual is a Spanish Design Blog that feature art, graphic, packaging, illustration, photography, branding and more.

· On Diseno - On Diseno is a Spanish design publication that feature architecture, interior, product, lighting, graphic, photography and more.

· IDA - Italian Design & Architecture - Italian Interior Design & Architecture represents an important collaboration between architecture and Italian design studio which gives inspiration through selection of objects and materials of some famous international brands.

· Elle Decor - Elle Decor is a magazine that presents all the news nd trends in design, architecture, interior, furniture and house decoration.

· AA13 - AA13 is an interdisciplinary blog which aims to promote the culture of art, design, architecture and photography. In a modern spirit, sensitive, and social, the blog is an inspiration for lovers, enthusiasts, designers, artists, designers, architects and

· Annette Petavy Design - Annette Petavy Design is a French blog about decoration and knitting

· Artravel magazine - Artravel magazine is an upscale, dynamic and innovative magazine about design, decoration and interior. Every two months, ARTRAVEL offers its readers quality reporting on exceptional places, a selection of objects and creations that make the news, intervi

· Building Indonesia - This is an Indonesian design publication that feature interior, architecture, decoration, product and more,

· IDEsainesia - IDEsainesia is an Indonesian Design Publication that feature illustration, graphic, typography and more.

· Canadian Interiors - Canadian Interiors is a design publication that feature furniture, architecture, interior and more

· - This is a Hungarian design publication that feature architecture, interior, product, lighting, furniture and more.

· ELITEMAGAZIN.HU - ELITEMAGAZIN.HU is an Hungarian website that feature design: product, interior, decoration, vehicle, fashion and more.

· - This is a design publication that feature architecture, interior and more.

· Octogon - This is an Hungarian design publication that feature interior, architecture, furniture, building, sculpture and more.

· Szep Hazak - Szep Hazak is an Hungarian design website that feature product, building, architecture, interior, furniture and more.

· Lakaskultura - Lakaskultura is an Hungarian design publication that feature furniture, home, interior, architecture, product and more.

· Lakberendezes Magazin - Lakberendezes Magazin is an Hungarian design publication that feature product, technology, mobile communication, application, interior and more.

· Totalcar - This is a design publication that feature vehicle, mobility, transportation and more.

· Bikemag - Bikemag is an online Hungarian publication in bicycle industry.

· - is an Hungarian website that feature fashion, style, beauty, food, design, product, home and more.

· SzepLak - SzepLak is an Hungarian website that feature home, interior, decoration, furniture and more

· A Mi Otthonunk - A mi Otthonunk is an Hungarian website that feature home, interior, product, furniture, landscape planning and more.

· Otthon - Otthon is an Hungarian website that feature interior, home, building, architecture, furniture and more.

· Kreativ Online - Kreativ Online is an Hungarian website that feature product design, architecture, events, technology and more.

· Muszaki Magazin - Muszaki Magazin is an Hungarian website that feature new technology, cybernetics, engineering and more.

· Alternativ Energia - Alternativ Energia is a Hungarian website that feature Bio-engineering, infrastructure, technology, green design and more.

· Tervlap - Tervlap is a Hungarian design publication that feature architecture, building, structure, interior, product, landscape planning and more.

· Mma - This is a Hungarian Academy website that feature news design: product, sculpture, architecture, illustration, graphic and more.

· DiarioDESIGN - DiarioDESIGN is a Spanish blog that feature design, architecture, events, decoration and more.

· Graficatessen - Macho Dominante is a Spanish design publication that feature graphic, illustration, packaging, furniture, lighting, decoration and more.

· Fad - Fad is a Spanish design publication that feature product, furniture, lighting, architecture and more.

· Arquitectura Viva - Arquitectura Viva is a Spanish website that feature building, structure, landscape planning, garden design and more.

· ROOM Diseno - ROOM Diseno is a Spanish website interior, architecture, sculpture, structure, building and more.

· Experimenta Magazine - Experimenta Magazine is a website that feature interior, decoration, lighting, home, architecture, structure and more.

· Mi Casa - Mi Casa is a Spanish website that feature interior, decoration, lighting, textile, architecture and more.

· 10 DECORACION - 10 DECORACION is a Spanish website that feature interior, architecture, furniture, exhibition, event and more.

· CoteMaison - CoteMaison presents articles with the best ideas for the house decoration, space-saving, functional kitchen and bathroom, design news, gardening and recent trends

· Old Skull - Old Skull is a Spanish design publication that feature digital art, visual communication, graphic, photography, illustration, animation and more.

· IDEAT - IDEAT the best modern magazine in French about decoration and design printing both magazine and digital edition

· Journal du Design - Journal du Design is a French design blog about architecture, art, high-tech, fashion and urban trends

· Pavillon de l'Arsenal - Pavillon de l'Arsenal is a centre for information on urban planning, exhibitions and architecture of Paris and the Paris area

· Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures - Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures is a agency platform designed to promote the international development and recognition of architects and related professions (planners, landscape designers, photographers, etc.) working in Brussels and in Wallonia

· Innovacion Spain - Innovacion Spain is a Spanish website that feature new technologies, engineering, ideas, solutions and more.

· EAS Burgos - EAS Burgos is a Spanish High School website that feature news, competition, events, contest about art and graphic.

· Escuela de Artediez - Escuela de Artediez is a Spanish website that feature news, competition, events, contest about graphic, design and more.

· E-Zeppelin - E-Zeppelin is a Romanian design publication that feature graphic, visual communication, visual art, furniture, architecture, interior, structure and more.

· Igloo - Igloo is a Romanian design publication that feature Architecture, structure, building, interior and more.

· Revista Atelierul - Revista Atelierul is a Romanian design publication that feature craft, jewelry, graphic, textile and more.

· Colectivo Bicicleta - Colectivo Bicicleta is a Spanish design publication that feature graphic, visual communication, digital art work and more.

· Dossier de Arquitectura - Dossier de Arquitectura is a Spanish design publication that feature building, structure, construction, interior, furniture and more.

· El Comercio - Casa y Mas is a Spanish design publication that feature street furniture, interior furniture, architecture and more.

· Arquitectos - Arquitectos is a Spanish website that feature arcitecture, building, structure, street furniture, urban planning and more.

· Area Editorial - DecoNews Magazine is a Spanish website that feature event, competition, contest about design and architecture.

· El Poder de las Ideas - El poder de las ideas is a Spanish design publication that feature graphic, packaging, visual communication, digital art and more

· Revista Enfoque Visual - Revista Enfoque Visual is a Spanish design publication that feature photography, illustration, art, new technology and more.

· Espacio y Confort - 1:100 Ediciones is a Spanish website

· ARQA - ARQA is a Spanish design publication that feature graphic, illustration, architecture, interior, furniture and more.

· AWX2 blog - AWX2 blog is a Polish design publication that feature architecture, interior, furniture, decoration, art, lighting and more.

· Bryla - Bryla is a Polish design publication that feature building, structure, architecture, urban planning and more.

· Wnetrza Zewnetrza - Wnetrza Zewnetrza is a Polish Blog that feature interior, furniture, decoration, textile, lighting, cookware, glasses and more.

· InfoArchitekta - InfoArchitekta is a Polish design publication that feature architecture, interior, structure, furniture, lighting and more.

· PropertyDesign - PropertyDesign is a Polish design publication that feature architecture, structure, building, interior, furniture, decoration, vehicle, visual communication and more.

· Point of Design - Point of Design is a Polish design publication that feature interior, structure, building, furniture, decoration, lighting, textile and more.

· Culture - Culture is a Polish design publication that feature illustration, drawing, graphic, digital art, photography, furniture, lighting and more.

· Life and More - Life and More is a design publication that feature fashion, clothing, furniture, interior, vehicles, lighting and more.

· Futu - Futu is a Polish design publication that feature lighting, technology, ideas, decoration, graphic, visual communication and more.

· Design Thinking PL - Design Thinking PL is a Polish design publication that feature contests, competitions, events about design, graphic, architecture and more.

· Dizainika - Dizainika is a Polish design publication that feature interior, furniture, lighting, decoration and more.

· Dizaino Savaite - Dizaino Savaite is a Polish design website that feature competition, contest, events about design, architecture and graphic.

· EARCH - EARCH is a Czech design publication that feature interior, furniture, decoration, lighting, architecture, installation, structure, building and more.

· ASB portal - ASB portal is a Czech design publication that feature structure, building, architecture, installation, interior and more.

· UMPRUM - UMPRUM is an Czech Academy website that feature events, exhibitions, competition, contests about graphic, sculpture, drawing, photography and more.

· Design Cabinet CZ - Design Cabinet CZ is a Czech design publication that feature events, competitions, exhibition, contest about design, architecture, graphic and more.

· Architime - Architime is a Russian design publication that feature architecture, structure, urban planning, structure, installation and more.

· Buro 24/7 - Buro 24/7 is a Russian website that feature packaging, graphic, visual communication, digital art, illustration and more.

· Pufik - Pufik is a Russian design publication that feature interior, furniture, textile, decoration, painting, drawing and more.

· ArhRevyu - ArhRevyu is a Russian is a design publication that feature interior, decoration, lighting, furniture, texture, bakeware, tableware, cookware and more.

· Etoday - Etoday is a Russian website that feature interior, furniture, decoration, lighting and more.

· AD Magazine - AD Magazine is a design publication that feature interior, furniture, lighting, decoration, architecture, structure, installation and more.

· ART Knot - Art Узел is a design publication that feature graphic, sculpture, illustration, events, contest, competitions, exhibitions and more.

· Stylist - Stylist is a Russian website that feature fashion, style, clothing, accessories, interior, furniture, architecture and more.

· Kajgana - Kajgana is a Macedonian design publication that feature cars, motorcycles, photography, anime, games, sport equipment and more.

· Kafe Pauza - Kafe Pauza is a Macedonian website that feature technology, food, photography, interior, exterior, furniture, installation and more.

· Divian Arts - Divian Arts is a Macedonian design publication that feature interior, furniture, decoration, lighting, clothing, vehicle, graphic, illustration and more.

· Smartporta - Smart Portal is a Macedonian website that feature application, technology, innovative, graphic, visual communication and more.

· 365 - 365 is a Macedonian website that feature technology, innovation, vehicles, application, clothing, furniture and more.

· Aneka Lomba - Aneka Lomba is an Indonesian website that feature competitions, exhibitions, events, contests about photography, design, architecture and more.

· Style & Decor Magazine - Style & Decor Magazine is a design publication that feature interior, furniture, decoration, building, installation, structure and more.

· Trama, arquitectura + diseno - Trama, arquitectura + diseno is a magazine that feature architecture, interior design, furniture, materials and more.

· Ambientdizajn - This is a Slovenian design publication that feature furniture, interior, architecture, lighting, textile, material, decoration and more.

· Building & Decor -

· Elusive Magazine - Elusive speaks about the poetry in moments, stories and ideas. A selection of contemporary art, architecture, photography, film and short stories aims to express this theme on Elusive Magazine. Our Editors’ obsession with modern aesthetics, love for art

· Urdesignmag - urdesignmag is a daily web magazine that shares design, architecture, technology, and art news from around the world.

· The Design Chaser - T.d.c is an interior design publication that feature Interior Styling, Inspiring Homes and Interviews.

· Paper and Stitch - Inspiration for your DIY life contains posts about DIY, home decor, fashion, small business, and more.

· Luxatic - Luxury Lifestyle - Luxatic is a luxury magazine featuring luxury news and reviews about supercars, yachts, bespoke watches, luxury homes, hotels and the latest in fashion.

· Shift - SHIFT is an online magazine about culture and the creative industries, namely art, design, fashion, music and multimedia.

· Archisearch - The archisearch is an online information platform that researches, selects and presents issues related to architecture in Greece and more generally in the world.

· ExtremeTech - ExtremeTech is a website that feature new technologies, mobile, gaming, computing, applications and more.

· Architects Datafile - Monthly magazine, website, newsletters and social media providing the Architect with daily updated information.

· Architectural Digest - Architectural Digest is the international design authority, featuring the work of top architects and designers, as well as the best in style, culture, travel, and shopping.

· BLOUIN ARTINFO - BLOUIN ARTINFO is the preeminent global source for up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art.

· The Way Magazine - Fine Living People - The Way Magazine is an Italian website that feature Fashion, Interior Design, Luxury, Technology, Trends and more

· Arte Magazine - Arte Magazine is an Italian website that feature Art, Interior, Ideas, Architecture and more.

· The WalkMan Magazine - The Walkman is a publishing product aimed at the creation and dissemination of culture, opinions and opportunities . The mission of the magazine is to inform the largest possible audience, respecting the freedom of expression and information, artistic, cu

· Inattendu - Inattendu is a Swiss blog about interior, fashion, design and travel, edited by Tine Fleischer, a German graphic designer living in Switzerland. Inattendu is known for representing especially up-and-coming designers and showcasing the freshest trends.

· Branding Magazine - Branding Magazine is an independent online daily brand journal, Branding Magazine represents an insightful source of news and opinions from the industry.

· Creative Review - Creative Review is a Design Blog that feature photo, graphic, illustration, visual communication, advertising and more.

· Evasee - Evasee is a Design Blog that feature graphic, illustration, visual communication, packaging, advertisement and more.

· IdN Magazine - IdN Magazine is an international publication for creative people and its mission is to amplify and unify the design community. It is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another. It h

· People of Print - People of Print began in 2008, originally created by Marcroy Eccleston Smith, as a library of illustrators, designers and printers both creatively and commercially with the purpose of educating and inspiring.

· The inspiration - The inspiration is a Design Blog that feature advertising, architecture, art, graphic, photography, fashion and more.

· Index Design - A la une is a French Design Magazine that feature interior, architecture, lighting, furniture and more.

· Visual Atelier 8 - Visual Atelier 8 is an innovative platform of multidisciplinary information that empowers creative minds. Since 2015, founders Dana Dimitras and Alexandr Tcaciuc, bring to audience a highly curated selection of the most engaging talents.

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